Indonesia Men's Sepak Takraw Teams again grabbed the victory over India on August 20, 2018, in Asian Games at Jakabaring Sports City, Palembang, Indonesia. This is the second victory for Indonesia, after beating Iran 3-0 at the group B qualifiers. A day after, Indonesia beat India 3-0. It was not easy for Indonesia to beat India, the players are skillfully blocking the ball as well as the smash was really counted. It was a bit problem in the middle of the match where both teams had to make sure the ball from Indonesia that touched the court was doubtfully in. However, when it was played in slow motion, the point went to Indonesia. As the second record of winning the match, the player did a hard work to block the ball during the match, Nofrizal did his best to stop the ball from India. The acrobatic jump or block resulted in more points to Indonesia. In 29 minutes time, Indonesia finished the third match or set on in 29 minutes with the final scores 21-11 and 21-4. Saiful as tekong worked together to snatch the second and the first set with 21-13, 21-10 and 21-6. This a great move for Indonesia team to respond this victory and be a valuable asset to face Malaysia in the semifinal.

It was a smooth game for Indonesia. In the first team, Indonesia was played by Muliang Herdiansyah, Nofrizal N, Akmal Syamsul and for the second team Indonesia was played by Prasetya Victoria Eka, Saiful Rijal, and Pago Hendra while the third team was played by Saipul Herson, Sandi Saputra, and Radjiu Abdul. These both team won the match without having a serious trouble. If we look at the stats, Indonesia only spent less forty five minutes in detail the first team won 21-17 and 21-6 in 44 minutes. Although the game only took less 45 minutes, the Indonesia team kept doing their best to play and determined to reach the final. 

Indonesia Sepak Takraw Men's team are preparing to challenge Malaysia and Malaysia is known as a country who has a lot of best players, and it will be not easy to beat Malaysia. In this case, Indonesia ensured themselves that Malaysia has the same chance to win the match. Saiful promised that his team will be playing all-out against Malaysia. Besides, the Malaysia team is one of the great team that should be anticipated in the next match and Prasetya as assistant captain has acknowledged this issue that Malaysia always becomes a tough opponent and therefore, the Indonesia team has to work harder to maintain solid focus and concentration along with strategy right from the start.

Saiful said:

"The team will be all-out playing against Malaysia in Semifinal on Tuesday.We really need your support and pray for our victory."

Yet, India assured itself to win the medal that was seen after they defeated Iran 21-16, 19-21,21-17 in the first match. Defeated by Indonesia in the second match of the day in Men's Team Regu Preliminary Group B can also advance the faith for India to guarantee the medal bronze after winning over Iran and ensured their entry into semifinal along with other teams Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. In the semifinal, India will face defending champions Thailand, on Tuesday. However, India has a good confident to beat Thailand in the semifinal.

As Yogendra Sing Dahiya told PTI

It is a historic performance by India. It is the first time that India has won a medal in Sepak Takraw in the Asian Games."