The Asian Games is just started. In this biggest event, many branches of sports are competed. One of them is Takraw that seize me to tell you the result. On Sunday,(19/8/2018) the Indonesia Takraw Man Team successfully won over Iran 3-0 in the kickoff group B. The event took a place at Jakabaring Sports City Palembang. During the game, Indonesia has shown the best performance by anticipating the ball over Iran. Saiful as the tekong created a good move to serve the ball that frequently made Iran's team failed to take over. In the early minutes of the second set, Indonesia dominated the game, they scored 3-1. Indonesia attacked the block of Iran and allowed Indonesia to score the point, the second set Indonesia successfully won 20 points and Iran 11 point.

In the third set, Iran comeback to score more points over Indonesia. They scored 4 points in a row which made Indonesia found out the way to overcome the aggressiveness of Iran's team. It happened when Saiful as tekong served the ball and Iran's made no significant block which given a chance to Indonesia to get more point 9-8. Incredible, Saiful and friends did not stop at that point, they continued to watch over Iran and when they got the ball, Saiful acrobatically kicked to the opponent court, resulting one more point to Indonesia. They made all possible to dominated the game.

After a short break, Iran had a good start to defend the smash from Indonesia team and they added more point. In the next serve, Indonesia came back to stop the point for Iran. Indonesia started organizing the move and committed to win the last set over Iran. In the mid of the matches, Iran blocked the ball, and they score point. But, it did not last long, Indonesia used the speed of attack that made Iran difficult to receive the ball, and Indonesia came back to lead the game 19-15. In the crucial time, Indonesia was not strictly scored two points and won the game. Iran tried harder to watch over Indonesia, but it was not like they expected, the mistake of Iran in injury time given away the point to Indonesia. That was so thrilling part of the game where Indonesia should manage their skill and strategy to kick the ball to the right target, but they failed and it made Indonesia started serving the ball,  Iran's team was unable to block the ball from Saiful and Indonesia received the last point and came out as the winner 21-17, winning three sets.

It seemed to be easy for Indonesia to beat Iran in the kickoff, but they were also alerted to watch out over Iran during the match. As the coach said 

" I always tell my squad, dont underestimate the opponents. Keep an eye to their move, focus and concentration is a matter."

Although Indonesia has won the kickoff, they still have much work to do. They must persistently come out with the best performance in the next matches.