In one of my previous articles ( I stated that one of the best reasons to try sports shooting is because it's a fun hobby. To further elaborate on this point, I very much enjoy that there are so many different types and models of firearms available for use in sports shooting. Today I want to talk about my favorite type of gun: the shotgun! Why is it my favorite? Why is it a great sports gun? Read on and find out!

1. Shotguns are versatile

Let's talk about shotgun shells for a moment. The way shotgun shells work is that on top of the powder, there's a "shot" (the projectile). When you fire a shotgun, the powder ignites and propells the shot out of the gun. The cool thing is that shells can contain a myriad of different types of projectiles. From the ubiquitous buck/bird shot, to massive slugs, to even literal fireblasts (no I'm not joking, look up "Dragon's Breath") or bolases, there's a seemingly endless amount of things that can be shot out of a shotgun. Some companies even make mini shells so you can fit more ammunition in your tube.

Each type of round has it's own specific applications for optimum usage. Might as well try them all!

2. Shotguns are easy to use

Shotguns are significantly less complicated than other firearms like modern pistols and rifles (e.g., AR-15's, AK-47's, etc). In fact, to use a pump action shotgun, you only need to follow these simple instructions: pump, shoot, repeat. Unlike a pistol or rifle, you never need to even move your hands from their firing positions to get a shotgun ready for use. Beginning shooters will love the ease of use, while more experienced shooters enjoy the simplicity.

Tip: Some shotguns will require you to depress a little switch initially rack a shotgun with an empty chamber.

3. Shot patterns

The way bird and buckshot works is that the shell is full of tiny metal balls that disperse once shot. This dispersion is called a shot pattern. Thanks to this spread, it's a bit easier to hit your target. Now it's a bit more complicated than my simple explanation, and you can adjust the spread with various chokes, but that's a discussion for another article. What matters here is that you can be a bit less accurate with a shotgun and still hit your target thanks to shot patterns.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying you don't need to aim at all, just that those who have accuracy trouble might be pleased. Please line up your shots!

4. Shotguns are reliable

Shotguns are sturdy firearms made from good material, have very few moving parts, and don't break easily. They're relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of guns. Do a little research before purchasing a shotgun and you'll notice that there's very few models that run into issues. Shotguns are a real bang for your buck!

5. Shotguns are a blast!

Shotguns make one powerful blast, enough to knock some people off their feet entirely. When Bruce Campbell said "This is my boomstick!" in Army of Darkness, it was quite the apt nickname for his 12 gauge, double barrel Remington. It's a lot of fun trying to keep a bucking shotgun under control!


Do you want to stand out at the range? Bring a shotgun! Sure, pistols and rifles might be a bit loud, but everybody will stop what they're doing to figure out who the badass is making the huge BANGs a few lanes over. I've met quite a few nice people who were just super curious about my Mossberg.

I meant the gun range!


Shotguns are the cream of the crop of home defense solutions! A would-be burglar will definitely think twice when they hear the ominous sound of a shotgun being racked (you know, that iconic "CU-CLUNK")! It's the rattlesnake's warning before the blast that lets any intruders know they're in the wrong place at the wrong time. And if they haven't run away yet...well, you are holding a shotgun.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer shotguns over pistols or rifles? Why? Let's have a friendly discussion on all this and more in the comments section, shall we?

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