Sports shooting and firearms may be a controversial topic at times. As such, I aim to enlighten you wonderful Scorumites on the benefits of sports shooting. My hope is that by the end of this article, you will better understand why sports shooting is a great hobby (and maybe even convince you to give it a shot (pun intended, haha). I also hope that anybody on the fence in the firearms debate will gain insight into our pass-time and be able to better appreciate some of the positive aspects of it.


Hitting that bullseye is difficult. Most people are not of the skill level to just pop off perfect shots all willy nilly. You need to take your time, line up your sights, breathe, and concentrate. We live in a frenetic world, constantly surrounded by the onslaught of Internet, Social Media, Television, and Other people. I value the times where I can focus all my thought on a single action. It calms me; it’s like meditation in a way.


Firearms are dangerous tools, there’s no denying that. That said, all tools are dangerous when mishandled or used maliciously. More people die each year due to cars than guns, however (1). By practicing and training with all sorts of firearms, we learn to handle them safely and prevent injuries and deaths due to carelessness and accidents.

Builds Strength

Guns may be heavy and have recoil when shot. Just take my shotgun, for example. It not only weighs around 10 lbs unloaded, but it has a major kick to it. And don’t even get me started on Desert Eagles! The muscle gain from working with guns like this may not be as noticeable as lifting weights, but it’s definitely not negligible.

Freedom (2nd Amendment)

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." (2)

Obviously this only applies to citizens of the United States, but it is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It is our duty as patriots to protect our country from the threat of a tyrannical government.


My favorite aspect of shooting is that it gives me the chance to get away from the computer and go socialize. Meeting new people can be a daunting prospect to some, but it becomes so much easier when you have a shared interest to break the ice. I’ve met some amazing people at the range, and our friendship has grown. After a few hours in deep concentration, it’s nice to go out with the crew for a drink or two, and it’s great to have met some fantastic friends who are more than ready to help their buds out in a pinch.

Self Defense

Firearms serve as a means of protection against those who mean to do us harm. Whether I’m in my home, in my car, in the wilderness, or out on the street, I feel reassured knowing that all the training I do with my arsenal will ensure I’m not only well equipped, but proficient enough to protect myself when the situation presents itself.

Family and Relationships

Speaking of self-defense, I don’t just train in protecting myself, but also to protect my wife. In fact, we go to the range together, and it has brought us closer and strengthened our marriage. She made the mistake of shooting my Mossberg 500 once and being so small, it knocked her off her feet. We had a laugh and now have a funny story to remember. (Hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it!)


Honestly, the entire experience of shooting is fun. There’s something about the pure joy and sense of accomplishment I get from placing perfect shots that I can’t explain. It has to be experienced to be understood.

Hopefully I’ve broadened your mind about sports shooting. Whether it be for Concentration, Discipline, Strength, Freedom, Friendship, Self-Defense, your Relationships, or just for Fun, shooting provides many benefits to your everyday life. I sincerely believe everybody should try it at least once; it’s not very expensive. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!


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