<center>The 74 th contest is start.contest winner no:73. I will announce the name of the winner from the next article's. This is giveaway at steemmonstars, and hopefully, this will continue. Today is the four giveway.I don't recognize why i am unable to get any perticipator. as a result of solely zero entry's here. i am unable to notice the last contest winner until currently. If get, can i will be able to i'll proclaimed The last giveaway will running some hours.

I find the last contest winner now.It's pick up online.Yes.



Friends hope you all are well. I have been sharing various important texts between you and me. From today I will share some important posts among you about steemmonsters card giveaway. The name of the regular winner will be announced. I think that you will enjoy these and you will love it. I will try to post this post every day. Along with this you definitely need your help. It's a kind of game platform so everyone should play for entertainment. I love it.

I started it new. So it will take some time to start this better. I think I can benefit you in the future. You stay with me.


✧ Follow my blog @darkline

✧ Comment your answer

✧ Mention one of your friend id

✧ Resteem My article

✧ Minimum 6 users join in this contest I will run.

✧ The winner is proclaimed on an ensuing day with a new contest.


## Steemmonstars Battle no: #1






## Steemmonstars Battle no: #2





Comment Structure As you like, Sample :

"Battle no: 1 game winner : X"

"Battle no: 2 game winner : Y"




Card name : Giant Rock


I think that all of you will join the contingent spontaneously. There are many great types of contests in the future. Hope this contest will give you a lot of encouragement. I always try to do something good so share your post with your friends.<center>

## ***Steem Monsters Contact Info:***



[Steem Monsters Website](https://steemmonsters.com?ref=brittufq)


[Steem Monsters Discord](https://discordapp.com/invite/CAFJRjY)


<sub>***Most of the Image collected from [Steemmonsters.com](https://steemmonsters.com) & @steemmonsters steemit blog***</sub>


<center> **If you want, you can [Join us](https://discord.gg/6zWpukW) for more support:** </center>






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