Winter sports that have long been popular among the citizens of Sapporo as well as skiing. If you want to try it for the first time, we recommend you to skate beautifully by wearing a thick skateboard. With a closed ice rink in Sapporo, you can enjoy ice skating all year round. With tips that can make even beginners glide immediately, are not you interested in trying to date while skating ice

Ice skates were first introduced in Japan by a teacher from the United States who served at the Sapporo School of Agriculture.

Ice skates were introduced in Japan in 1877. It is said that William Brooks brought ice skates from the United States while on duty at the Sapporo Agriculture School. After that, ice skates began to be produced in Japan, and became popular winter sports in Japan. There are ice skating lessons for elementary and junior high school students in slightly snowy areas, and popular ice skating among Hokkaido residents. In Sapporo, ice skating can be enjoyed throughout the year at Tsukisamu Sports Hall. The Open Ice Skating Rink at Maruyama Stadium is also open in winter. In addition to the ice skating course, jumping and spinning exercises can also be easily found. In the Ice Arena Sekisui Heim Makomanai which became the location of the Sapporo Olympics also held an international match. You can skate or just look.

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