China is the number one in terms of indoor ski centers, of that there is no doubt, it is estimated that currently has a total of 21, between those that are in operation and those that are being built.

In 2017 China inaugurated the largest indoor center in the world, Harbin Ski Indoor. Now it is planning to open an even bigger one in 2022, just the year in which the Asian giant will host the Olympic Winter Games.

The cost of the project is also gigantic, although it seems to have been halved from an original budget of approximately $ 2 trillion to just over $ 1 trillion in the latest releases.

It will measure 90,000 square meters and its size will be about 32 football fields

However, despite the budget cut, the indoor center will remain huge. Project developers say it will be the largest indoor snow center in the world (currently the Harbin snowdome in northeastern China) and the longest. The latest press releases uncover some previously unknown data and speak of 90,000 square meters of snow-covered space, surpassing Harbin by approximately 50%.

The project will be a joint development between the real estate company KOP, which is listed in Singapore, and several Chinese state-owned companies, and will be located in the city's growing leisure district, which houses Shanghai Disneyland and other attractions.

The Dubai-based Majid Al Futtaim group, which operates Ski Dubai and Ski Egypt, will run the center, which is expected to attract more than 3 million visitors annually, mainly Chinese and will make green technology banner to minimize the consumption of Energy.

Like other indoor ski centers in Germany and the Netherlands it will be practically self-sufficient in terms of energy needs thanks to the huge amount of solar panels on the roofs of the buildings of the complex.

Three ski slopes for all levels

 According to the presentation statement, the benefits of the indoor center allow snow sports to be enjoyed by all types of users, including top-level skiers or competitive skiers. The 3 ski slopes completely set in winter landscapes will have different slopes, one of them can be used in training for the future Olympics. WinaStar does not forget non-skiers and will offer more than 25 snow-related attractions for them.

As usual in these large Chinese leisure complexes, the indoor center will be accompanied by other attractive leisure options, such as a Viking theme water park with a beach club, a huge infinity pool and a large Viking ship. In addition, the WintaStar will be located very close to the Shanghai Haichang Marine Park, which will open next month, with a wide variety of Arctic and Antarctic fauna.

The Indoor of the Ski Stadium

The Winter Games, an engine for the creation of stations and new ski fans

Snow sports are fashionable in China, and the constructive rise of conventional ski resorts and indoor centers is frantic, increasing more if the pace since the election of the Asian country to host the Olympic Winter Games.