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One of the greatest achievement of every sportsman is winning a Medal at the Olympics. Representing my Country in the competition brings pride and honor as the only Nigerian and African in the race. "Arise O Compatriot, Nigeria Call Obey" they first line of the anthem reminds me of who I am and why I have to win.

Competing against experienced and famous racers like Emile St. Godard, Leonhard Seppala, Shorty Russick, etc was a challenge to me. Some month before the race, my team got an experienced coach, who is also a professional in Dog sled racing. His instructions and motivational words encourage me and gives me positive motives concerning the race.

Dog Selection

This at first looks difficult because I am not a Dog lover, It took me weeks to adapt with Dog breeding. The Coach suggested The German Shepard, He is a Pro and he knows what is best for the race.

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Sooner, I also fell in love with the dogs. Their speed was exceptional and they are very sensible. They are intelligent when it comes to racing on the snow, they move away from danger whenever they noticed it from afar. No wonder they are referred to as "Man's Best Friend".


Initially, I started my training on a Beginner trail, where I was Introduced to snow boarding in general.

My First Day in training was hectic, due to my inexperience in the race. I struggled with the Board and the Snow. The Coach never gave up on me, he keeps encouraging me and I love his attention.

I never get discouraged, because I get motivations from my team, friends and families. It took me weeks to adapt with the Sled Dog Race, how to control the dogs and the board.

The Race

My kits for the race (Audio helmet, Gloves and Mittens, Footwear, Ski Poles, GoPro, Parka, Layers, Dog Booties, Jackets, and Harnesses, The Sled, Race-Mandated Gear, etc) were intact.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it", that's my favorite quote and I hold on to it everyday.

It was time for the Race, the spectators stood by to watch the new racers. Their expectations on the guys were low because the Old and Experienced guys were their favorite.

The event was conducted under the rules of the New England Sled Dog Club, and ran twice over a 25.1 mile long course. There were six dogs per sled, and each sled took off at three-minute intervals. The intermediate times were given to the mushers at four miles, 10.6 miles, and 22.46 miles. (Copied from Top End Sport).

My Sled was the third to take off. The first race was a bit slower due to my nervousness and impression concerning the race. It took me 2:21:05.0 hours to finish the first race.

Luckily for me, I met the first two racer, having issues with their Sled (seems their sled hit a heavy metal, a fallen tree or collided), then I realized I can win the race. Then I knew I had to motivate myself and the dogs.

Getting to the finishing line with 2:15:02.7 was quite easy. I had to wait for other racers to get finish their race and get the combined result. My combined result was 4:36:07.7 and it appears at the top of the Board.

Tears of Joy rolled out my face (the weather did not make them noticed). My team rushed down to me and lift my up. "You did it", a colleagues said. After the Jubilation, I took turns kissing the Dogs and tickling them.

I got my first Olympic Medal and it was a Gold, A dream come true for me, my team and my Coach. I know my Country will be proud of me, defeating the Pro's in Dog Sledding.

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