Oh on my Amiga 600 I've played this like crazy. Watching the game on Youtube makes my memories come back..

The game is about kind of winter Olympics but with humor and a bit of freestyle. You have a few competitions to play in:

  • Snowball - just shooting snowballs on kids you see outside of your igloo
  • Downhill - my favorite, running downhill on Ski with loads of jumps and hidden paths
  • Acro Aerials - jumping off ramp on Ski and making tricks in the air
  • Snowboard Halfpipe - just freestyle, the way to score most was to not repeat tricks but do many different in a row
  • Innertube Thrash - a race on innertubes, fun!

Any of you guys played this game? They also made game Skate or Die but i did not try it.

Fan site with tips and tricks - http://www.ski-or-die.com/

The game is free now as its abandonware, needs Emulator.