The payout for last week's Freaky Friday blog was $147.73 meaning that our winning entry for this week will receive 50% of that rounded up which comes to 74 SCR. Plus we received a donation last week from @clt17 of 100 SCR to add to this weeks contest!

That means that the Grand Prize for This Week's Freaky Friday Contest is 174 SCR!!!!! Wow!

With such a large payout at stake, I will be asking @clt17 to help me out with judging again this week and if needed to help determine a winner in case of a tie then I will get @bamamama to step in and help us make a final decision.

Our Freaky Story for this week involves man's best friend, I hope you all enjoy your trip to compete in a wild wintery adventure at the Dogsled Races!

Photo from

I hope you're prepared for blizzards, avalanches, bears and other wild critters, as well as just the hazards of being out in the backcountry in subzero weather. May the best man/woman/dog/team win!

The object of this game is to look at the photos above from a freaky sporting event and then tell a story about the event in your own words as if you were at the scene when it happened.

  • You can become an observer
  • You can become one of the participants in the event
  • You can be a coach
  • You can be a referee
  • Or you can even be a newscaster

Just tell what happened from your vantage point as if you were right there watching when it happened, or from the viewpoint of it happening to you. Make it weird, make it funny, or make it dramatic. In fact, just have fun and tell the story from what you were thinking when you saw the photo, don't worry about the facts, just make it up as you go.

  1. Title your blog "On Freaky Friday I _____________" fill in the blank with something to make your story unique. Post the video or photo from this contest along with a link back to this blog and a short explanation so that the readers will know what you are writing about.
  2. The story must be 400 words long or longer about the events and scenes in the following video or photo.
  3. The story must be your own work, quotes may be used with credits given but the words in a quote do not count toward the word total. Make sure that you also give credits for any photos used in your story.
  4. Write your story in your own blog and post a link below.
  5. The contest is open to anyone, but due to bad actors and scammers on Scorum, I reserve the right to disqualify or ignore any entry from someone known to be a deceiver or who is even suspected of not being genuine. Don't worry, if you have written good blogs free from plagiarism and have not tried to scam anyone then you should have nothing to be concerned about. But if you think that you might be on my blacklist you can email me at to confirm your eligibility.
  6. The prize will be 50% of the total payout from the previous contest blog plus any donations.
  7. As part of the reward for entering the contest, I will give a 50% upvote to any qualifying entry plus other upvotes whenever possible.
  8. This contest runs from Friday to Friday so all entries must be submitted by midnight Thursday for whatever time zone that you live in.

This Freaky Friday contest seems to be catching on and growing thanks to all of the support and free advertising that both the participants and friends of the contest have given. I want to thank all of you that have gotten behind this project and are pushing us toward greater rewards. Greater rewards mean faster account building, and my goal is to build up as many accounts of hard working Scorumians as possible.

Special thanks to our Guest Judge this week @clt17 who put in a lot of work carefully reading over this week's outstanding entries.

And Our Winner For The Second Week In A Row Is...

KaluChima has received 77.77 SCR for his winning entry "On Freaky Friday l exchanged honors for love"

Other entries in Last Week's Contest

@ablaze "On Freaky Friday I got disqualified for drug doping"

@sport-frei "On Freaky Friday I faced the Realm of Hades!"

@austino "On Freaky Friday, I Was Left With A Crack, But I Left A Mark."

@rights.hand "On Freaky Friday, I decided that the jump for deep water, literally and figuratively."

@kolumbus "On a freaky Friday, I fought for Glory."


Each of these entries received a 50% upvote from me and they also received upvotes from some of our many contest supporters.

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Thank you all for your contenued support and encouragement!