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TGIF!!!😍 Thank God Its Friday. Who knows how freaky it could be to plug in your mobile phone @ 11% for charge, and wakes up by morning to see its battery percentage @ 9%😭. I was frankly freaked out on a freaky morning. I was glad it wasn't Friday though😝.

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I've been trying to avoid some certain mistake in life and this boils down to trust. Most often, we tend to give out our utmost reliance to best pals and BFF. Relations are quite the most trustworthy. Who wouldn't trust his own brother.

It was a beautiful morning in the snowy city of Maddok as I could hear the dogs bark. I open the window and was greeted by an atmospheric condition below 5°C. It felt like the whole town was covered by snow. Of course, its winter and the community is filled with snow. The children next-door are already piling up snows to build their snowman. Josh, a kid of five, seems to be the best in building a snow man. He has it decorated in leaves and flowers with a pointed carrot nose. The hands looking cracky. He mist have gotten that from the woods in their chimney. Jerry! Jerry!! Jerry!!!!!!!!!. Ouch, that's Fred calling me from his room next door. He sounds furious, what wrong must I have I done that he wants to jerk off the room with the pressure in his voice.

In his room;

Fred; Come over here you little thief. Did you take my wrist watch from my desk?

Me; Of course not. What on earth would you expect me to do with that junk.

Fred; (angrily), You'll have to tell me where that watch is or you'll roll over in that snow outside, naked.

Me; O...o....oK.....oK, I took it but its no longer in my possession. I lost it the previous night to the gamble table back at the pub.

Fred; (In a calm but harsh voice), Since you are pretty good wit this hands, you can get me a replacement ASAP.

Me; (Sighing), Ugh, Whatever.

He picks up his drugs and went straight for work. He works in the Palace where the king lives with his wife and daughter. He is major/ point guard at the kennel in the the palace. As for me, well I'm just me, the Jerry boy who walks down the street and ease other people of their property burden. Some call it PICKPOCKET, some say its stealing, but I call it the soft touch landing. That's why Fred has always referred to me as a kleptomaniac. I can take off that shirt from your body in a sec without you noticing, haha. Nevertheless, I'm still the best pal one could have. Fred can't stand a second without my presence. Who knows how he survives at work place?


Fred had always told me about the kings daughter and her charming exposure which he admires. They'd literally exchange chats only when Fred goes up to make a closing report on his duty to the king. Oh, I see, that's how Fred survives in the absence of my company. "Just a look at her standing right beside her window feels me with life, he mostly says. I'll always tell him that he is gradually finding love again but he'll always dispute that fact. Since Cara(his ex) left him for another man, he hasn't been himself. Unfortunately, both the heartbreak and Rhinovirus in his immune system are eating him up. Thanks to the maintenance drug he takes.


Just as I was on my normal evening patrol, I received a message from a passerby that Fred slumped at his work place. Immediately, I raced my self to the palace where I saw him looking unconscious. I took him home with the aid of the Kings dogsled. Days passed, the fever grew worse. I made enquiries on possible solutions to the illness. I got news about a witch who lives up in the mountain far stretched to the East. They say she's got magical cure for all types of illness. I journeyed for the mountain on foot and it took me three days to arrive. On my arrival, she welcomed me and we discussed the issue that brought me. She showed me a ring in her finger saying, "this is a magical ring that can save your brother from his illness but you'll have to pay a price". What's the price?, I asked. A life for the ring, she replied. I've got no life with me except mine and I'm really enjoying my living to just let go in a flash. I told her I have no option than to go back home and seek for another way. Bidding me goodbye, we shook hands and I kissed her knuckle saying "Goodbye". I rushed down the mountain as fast as my feet can take me. Suddenly, I started hearing barking sounds behind me. Damn!!!, its the witch in her dogsled after me shouting, "you petty thief, I'll chop off that head of yours". She was catching up pretty fast and driving rough as her sled ran into a stone and an avalanche ensued.

Now, the witch is after me and the avalanche descending after us. Thanks to the rock where I saw refuge before the large mass of snow caught up with me. My avalanche surviving skill (ATS-1) was my weapon. The witch couldn't escape drowning in the snow. I continued on my journey home. Couple miles from home, I heard the sound of a sled running down the path. I thought it was the witch again. fortunately, it was the princess and her fathers pack. I asked for a lift because I was profusely exhausted. She gladly accepted and rode me home. We had series of jokes and laughter on our way home, and it felt like heavens on earth for me. On getting home, Fred was already unconscious. As I inserted the ring into his mid finger, I got his consciousness and bounced back to his feet. That's real magic I said. Turning to the princess, I thanked her so much and saw her off to her sled. Fred looked kinda surprise to see me relate with the princess awesomely. Days passed and she visited occasionally. She'll always say she just wants to know how he is faring but the truth was she visited for my sake actually. Whenever we discuss, I could feel love in air and my heart drowned in her eyes.


The princess fell ill someday later. The cure for the illness is a divine flower located outside the boundary of maddok. The king summoned able bodied men to secure the flower and any one who brings it back and saves the princess's life would be betrothed to the princess. Fred and I were involved in the travel. Fred found the flower and gave it to me saying he knows I and the princess loves each other, so I can have it. My happiness knew no bound as we headed back to Maddok city. As we passed through the icy cave, something went through me from behind, I looked down and it was a dagger. I turned back just to see Fred standing with a gaze straight to my eyes.

Me; Why?, I asked in tears.

Fred; You wouldn't want to have the whole glory and the princess to yourself little bro.

Me; I slumped to the for and everywhere became dark.


Fred left me to die and went back to the palace alone. I was finding it hard to breath while drowned In the pool of my own blood. Minutes later, a force lifted me from the ground, I could feel it moving but I was too weak to recognise what was happening. The last thing I remembered was laying on a soft couch, then I passed out. I woke up the day tomorrow to find some strange looking humans staring at me. They were the icy cave men. Thanks to them I was still alive but the injury was still fresh and alive. I stood up in a hurry but was still in pain. The cave men told me to have more rest to avoid the pain. I have to be at the palace before my brother gets married to the princess, I replied groaning. They gave saw me through the valley and waved good bye to me. I rushed down to the palace, luckily I met Fred and the princess about to be engaged.

Priest; anyone who has any reason that this two should not be together as man and wife should say now or forever holds your si..........(door opens).

Me; That man is a murderer, I shouted from the door.

I narrated my story to the audience in the hall but Fred's initial lies seems to have gained ground to mine. There was nothing much I could do to stop the engagement. With tears in my eyes and hand to my stomach, I challenged Fred to a racing duel. The king accepted my challenge plea and gave order that who so ever wins the race marries his daughter. Since there was dispute and ranting from the hall, that's the only way the king deemed fit to settle the case. He has also given is the best of his dogs to rave with.


I felt like the injured bogeyman as we got prepared. Meters into the race, my dogs were really putting on a steady pace while Fred was behind looking like a sea monster. I was feeling dizzy on the sled but I held the ropes firm and gave control to the dogs. Minutes later, Fred caught up with me and tried to hit my dogs and I out of the way. His trials were futile but I was totally weak to control the race. Another hit from him made me loose control and crashed into the snow. I was already bleeding again. I looked up just to see Fred walking up to me. He picked me up and said to me, forgive me brother, I think I lobe the princess and I'll take down anything that comes my way. His dagger pierced my chest this time, tears flowed down my eyes as I pondered what could have caused him this heartlessness.

Fred; I was the one who found the flower and the princess belongs to me. He held my hands while I was struggling to stand my ground. At that point I was really helpless against him. He took his hands off mime and walked away. Just before he could walk up to his sled, he fell to the ground breathing heavily. It was then he noticed the magical ring was no longer in his finger. He forgot I was still the Jerry boy with the soft touch. He tried to crawl back to me to get the ring but he was unable to make it close to me this time. He took his flower from me, I took my ring from him. Its a win/win thing I presumed. I was still bleeding while so many thoughts about life ran through me. This precious life I don't want the lose is gradually slipping away from my grasp. I wished the cave men would find me again. I wished the princess would rest my heads on her laps and tell me I'll be fine. If only wishes where horses, beggars would ride. The world started leaving me time after time, the clouds were becoming faint, my eyelids was coming closer as it seems the world was swaying at a 360° turn. Of course, its all over. I rested my head down and went on a journey of no return.

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