Sergey Turyshev - coach of the Russian national ski team

Sometimes even cross-country skiing can be very exciting. In particular, Sergei Turyshev, at the age of 36, decided to take part in the skiathlon. But he made this decision for a reason. It was a help to friends who bet that the coach of the Russian national team will be able to get into the top 10 by the results of the race. So, what is the essence of the dispute, and what is the result.

Dispute on Turyshev

Artem Maltsev, along with another servicer of the Russian national team, had an argument with two other guys. The first claimed that Sergei Turyshev was in excellent athletic form. He will be able to confidently finish the race in the top ten. Opponents argued that the coach of the Russian national team would not even be able to reach the finish line.

You yourself understand that Turyshev could not let his friend, Artem Maltsev down. Yes, we bet on a bottle of expensive cognac. Sergei showed up for the classic sprint. But he did not go to the start. He decided to prepare more seriously for the skiathlon.

How did the dispute end?

Markus Kramer did not make clear predictions. When asked what form Serey is in and what he expects from this start, Marcus replied that the journalist will see everything himself.

So, Sergei went to the start. The first to reach the finish line was Alexander Bolshunov, who was not even happy about his victory. And ... here he is ... Sergey Turyshev. He finished tenth in the race. Yes, the 36-year-old coach was able not only to overcome the distance, but also to climb into the TOP-10. Let it be the tenth. The dispute has been won.

Thanks to what Turyshev was able to show such a high result?

Turyshev himself said that he was working with Artem Maltsev. Moreover, he does the same amount of work as his ward. This allows not only 100% control over the training process of the ward, but also to arrive in excellent physical shape. Maltsev, in the course of the season, gradually adds. The coach does not lag behind his student. By the way, Sergey lost exactly one minute to the third Larkov. They all lost to Bolshunov, and by a wide margin.

Sergei indicated that he set himself the goal of getting into the top 10. He was able not only to fulfill his promise, but also helped his ward win the dispute.

Thus, there are many different sensational events and scandals in sports. But sometimes events are positive and only surprise. Ski enthusiasts are pleased that not only active athletes show excellent results and are at the peak of their sports form, but the coach is not far behind them. Turyshev is an excellent example of this.