I am very easily fascinated by challenging girls, whether in movies or games. And if in the real world, those who have activities or sports hobbies are challenging, including the charming girl in my post. Not only exotic and have a high appeal, this is the reason why surf girls have charisma and charm that is unbeatable:

Number 1, girls who can surf are hot, plus their bodies are really good, because surfing needs workout and flexibility that must be sufficient.

2. These girls take care of their bodies and fitness. They have a lot of energy, not just sleeping all day.

3. Girls Surfing know how cool. They often smile and laugh. They are known to be easily happy and cheerful.

4. They also enjoy the sun. With enough, their tanned skin adds charm to its exotism

5. These girls can also penetrate the patriarchal line. Their competitive attitude can position themselves as the best surfing athletes.

6. A lot of free time can be spent on the beach. Afternoon surfing, even though these girls can Party!

7. Surfing girls are independent, they can beat the waves without needing to be 'coupled'. Not just guys, girls can be fascinated by them.

8. Besides being independent, they are also strong. Can take care of yourself.

9. They also like the adrenaline generated from riding the waves. It won't be boring with them.

10. Girl surfing can be alone on the waves, but crowded on land. Have lots of friends to make their networking wide.

From the same hobby, who knows how to grow the seeds of a friend's new friendship. At least I understand a bit of surfing, but this is not a stereotype, just a light analysis seen from their surfing habits.