This is part of this week's Freaky Friday contest by @pete. Aside from picture for the contest, all other pictures are from Pixabay and pxhere. This story is entirely fictional.

Now, before we start, I think it is only fair that I recommend some tunes to listen to while you guys are reading this Freaky Friday. Since surfing and waves are the subject of this story, I recommend listening to some smooth tropical music and any smooth contemporary lounge music of some kind, and maybe some vaporwave music. Any music as long as it is soft and slow-moving, and involving the beach of course (or at least a tune that one could possibly play in the beach). I could recommend specifics, but I leave that to your own preference.

As I looked across the horizon as I walked around the beach on a dark-orange morning, I began to watch the waves as they roared across the waters. I could see the golden sun shining on the water as the waves dominated the ocean. I could see the glistening mist from the water as it splashed around itself and the rocks. I could see the surfers trying to tame the aquatic stampede that raged on. I felt the wind blowing across my back as I strolled across the sand, walking as if I had all the time around the world. I walked across the sand for at least couple of hours before I decided to sit down and enjoy the view for a few hours more or so as I enjoyed a lunch I packed with me. I began to put in my earphones and played some tunes as I sat back and took myself into a journey through the waves.

A beautiful woman started to walk towards the waves with her surfboard in hand. I could not see the expression on her face, but I could tell she was walking toward the coming waves with seemingly no regrets. Her beautiful brown and blonde hair and tanned skin graced my eyes. I wondered who she was and why she was there. I got the impression she was very brave and enjoyed surfing as more than just a hobby; as a sport as well.

I then saw another beautiful woman sitting on the rocks as they were being beaten by the waves. She sat there like a mermaid, and did not seem to care that the waves were gracing the ocean beside her. I could see from afar her long black hair and her expression which made her look like she felt at home there.

As I continued to watch the waves after a period of watching the two women, I took time to notice a small wave with several streaks moving parallel with it. They looked like misty dolphins leaping from the water and back into it. It was a truly breathtaking sight. Then, just as when it seemed they were gone, they appeared again. It was as if the wave and these “misty dolphins” were having a bit of fun gracing the ocean and the beach. This was truly a sight that was NOT worth missing. After awhile though, the pod of misty dolphins disappeared, never to be seen again. :(


I started to notice a large wave as I continued to observe the scenery before me. The wave seemed large enough for most surfers that would want to take a stab at taming it. I could not help but notice the blue color of the water melding with the white color of the surging water of the wave. These two came together to form a beautiful misty after effect that was a sight to behold. The mysterious vibe one gets from the overall spectacle was enough for one to admire yet one of many examples of God's greatest masterpieces.

That wave reminded me of a time in my youth when I used to be a surfer myself. Along with a few friends, I surfed one of the largest waves at the beach (many people called it the Blue Surge). I remember the moment that I rode with the tide as I surfed that wave. The exhilaration that I felt in my heart and in my stomach, the feeling of riding the rodeo of the ocean, the smell of the ocean water, the feeling of being in the midst of a big wave while feeling as if I was the only one there. It was a fine feeling, and I remember coming back to shore with the feeling of accomplishment when I rode that wave. I really felt alive that day.

Minutes later (and getting back to my Freaky Friday story), I saw another woman emerge from the water. At that moment, it felt as if I was watching a movie in slow motion. She flew her head back as if to flaunt herself towards any man lucky enough to watch her. The water glistening on her skin and splashing in all directions made me think that I was watching a mermaid, just like when I watched the second lady earlier. I began to felt as if I was in some fantasy. Here I was watching the waves and admiring the ocean when I began to start seeing women here and there. Of course, the sight did not really bother me; anything that could really mix well with the sight of the ocean and waves was a pleasant sight.

Continue on my gazing of the scenery, I watched the glistening waves grace along the rocky formations near the shore, as well as some nearby cliffs. The dull blue sky in the background did well in accompanying the scenery. Seeing that sky, for some unknown reason, made me think that I could expect some large monster or mech from an anime or Japanese Super Nintendo game to show up (I have quite an imagination, don't I?). I then turned my attention to the white mist splashing around and brushing up against some other rocky areas on the opposite side. The misty look of the surging white water gave this sight a hint of mystery. All of it had almost felt like a fantasy world of some sort indeed.

As the sun started to set, things REALLY started to shine. I could see the sun glistening on the soft wave through the beach, giving the waters a look that rivals the shining panache of real diamonds and gold. The silhouettes of the pier and other things really gave the atmosphere a sort of soft and relaxing vibe to it (that's what sunsets and beautiful evenings are about after all). The sun against the dull brown and orange background amongst the clouds and far away mountains gave off a relaxing vibe to ease one into the coming night (for some, it may mean going to bed; for others, it means party time). For a moment, I could imagine myself in some fantasy story out of the early 1990s or the 1980s. As a matter of fact, it almost seemed like I time warped back to the 80s for a moment. After all, didn't the 80s have it share of beautiful sunsets on the beach?

After a long period of gazing the scenery before me, I got up and closed my sketchbook. I had been drawing my observations the whole time I was there, and I had gotten what I came for. Now it was time to get back to my studio apartment and get ready to paint tomorrow. I have got some beautiful sights to show to the world. :)

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