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''The evil men do stay to live with them''.

There case was to be taken to court by Duke Jr whose father lost his life while on a surfing tour. Duke had drowned and his body was found at the East coast shore hours later. So, Duke Jr hired Bar Jim to unfold the drama surrounding his father’s death. Bar. Jim was a lawyer and as well trained crime investigator expect. Bar Jim in his private investigation had travelled all the way East Coast to find a man called Max. Duke Jr had encountered Max at the entrance of Senator Duke’s office a day to his disappearance and he was very sure form his father’s facial look that an argument had ensued between the both men. When he queried his father, he simply told him it was a private issue. Duke Jr. had no knowledge about Max except the description he had give Jim about him. So, going through Duke’s old pictures, Jim saw a man who resembles Max as described to him some few years ago and some things were not adding up at that point.

Jim made of his mind to find this guy since all means to identified Duke’s killer has proved logically impossible. So, Jim researched more about Max; a childhood friend to Duke running a mini surfing teaching school in Carolina. He search him, checked up his address and booked an appointment with him.

‘’I want to board a flight leaving by 7:00 a.m to the North Carolina. I have a meeting at Cape Hatteras’’. Please do it fast and get back to me’’. These were the last words of Mr Jim when Rose walked in. Rose was Mr Jim girlfriend whom he met in a night club some few weeks ago. She was the intelligent, Smart and highly inquisitive type.

‘’You couldn't even tell me you were leaving to the East Coast. That’s not gentleman behaviour. I’m disappointed’’ She said.

‘’Has your mum called you again to enquire of me or are you going to see her’’ she asked curiously. Mr Jim countenance changed immediately because he doesn’t like discussing her mum especially on the negative. ‘’I said I have urgent needs to meet up with the upcoming case on my desk in a forth night with STS Lt (Surfing Tourist School) and please stop mentioning my mum. Dear, if you have any issue with my mum, please go and settle it with her. Okay’’

Mr Jim on board Carolina met a tourist going on vacation and they began to discuss about surfing. Nobody is an island of knowledge. Jim was trying to get a clue about surfing form the tourist. ''Like other sport, surfing carries its inherent danger of one being drown example is Mark Foo who lost his life in the sport few years ago. This is not limited to only beginners but professionals can be cut in between the line but it very important every surfer must know how to swim'' Their discussion continued until they arrived their destination and parted ways.

It was on a Friday and Bar Jim arrived the beach at about to 10:00 a.m. The area was almost bubbling with different tourist across the world that had come to the beach to have quite time and relaxation. As expected, the beach was radiating with the early morning sun ray. Some have taken to the couch to have sun screen while some other were playing volleyball with few in group doing one thing or the other. Bar Jim walked across the beach gently wearing only his tight and a black goggle which concealed his face. Actively guessing the next thing that will show up, he went and sat at the base of one of the coconut trees around. Nature is actually beautiful as he admired the planes of the water coast. Few minutes later, a tall slim man with an oval face was approaching him.

''This must be max” Jim said to himself.

“l know what you are here for. You are the lawyer hired by the son of Duke to investigate our company over the death his father''.

‘’How do you get about all these’’ Jim asked

‘’In life many things don’t go our way all the time and if we try our best to bend things, we may end up destroying it. Such is the story of senator Duke. He wanted to change a business rule to draft in his friends company to hold a share in our company but was met by stiff resistance’’ Max continued.

‘’Resistance’’ Jim emphasized

Max let out a laughter and continued

‘’20 years ago, l was in this beach for the first time with my dad. During one of the TV series I saw some kids playing with softboard and I wanted to experience the adventure. So one summer, dad brought us here for a short vacation. I was just 8 years and couldn’t swim. Standing at that cliff over there’’ he pointed at it. ‘’He told me that life is about navigating against the tide which seem quite risky but alternatively the best option is to use the tide in your advantage. Remember that nobody is going to help you except yourself. Those words stuck into my brain that l apply them in my everyday life.

So when l turned 15, l was at that cliff there to find out the mystery of what l was told with my friend. I don’t know what really happened as we stood gazing at the sea, he pushed me from behind and l fell from that cliff into the water, hitting my stomach on the water surface. It was like I fell on a rock. I struggled for life but miraculously I survived after l was rescued by man who just finished surfing and was leaving the shore. I was taken to the hospital and all that became a story.

’'Few weeks later, I was here to learn surfing by the same man who rescued me. We had exchanged contact after his last visit to the hospital. I bought my swimsuit and surfboard with my little savings then. So, we started after giving some instructions and we paddled toward the shore to meet the water current/wave. He told me that one problem with beginners was that they do no know the point to catch he wave. By then the wave had started carrying us forward and he asked me to stand on my board as the small wave crumbled and broke softly. With time, I learnt to surf. Bar Jim and Max had reach the exalt spot where he was pushed over about 15 years ago by a friend he trusted most.

After some few years, my friend and I founded STS Lt: it started like a surfing summer school where I trained people who want to learn surfing and him in charge of the fees. Our company grew to its current state with different investment interest from nothing. We agreed to a share of 50% ownership while leaving rest to the public sale when the business reach it potential. As time went on the company became a success courtesy my wonderful ideas. I always stayed up all night to proffer solution to challenges as well think how STS can be the best surfing destination while Duke was responsible for sourcing and meeting financial needs because of his financial prowess.

One afternoon is the autum, Duke visited me in my office and told me that our company was running deficit. That we have to forfeit some of our shares to another company I discovered in my private investigation he had a big shares in. I guess, he wanted to acquire our company by prosy but I declined the offer but rather suggested we take a loan from bank and pay back later. Despite his smile, I knew very well he wasn’t happy with that suggestion. The next week, I was adopted and the news was that I disappeared. At the end, Duke claimed he ownership of our shares by doctoring most of the documents. He now drafted his company to own of the shares and positioned your client to take over from him.’’

‘’Why are you still alive’’ Jim asked as they stood as they edge of the cliff.

‘’Because I learnt to overcome the wave by pushing down the obstacle down from the cliff’’ Max smiled.

Is being solid 10 years I escaped the hook of those who kept me in a building for 3 years.All my plans was to get back at Duke because those guys complained of him not remitting money to run the cost of keeping me hostage. I hired a lady who set him up by luring him to this spot for a surfing tour and relaxation. He was shock and couldn’t say a word.

That evening, Duke was here drinking as usual when I walked up to him. I I knew he felt guilty of all he did to me and wanted to apologies but he fell over the cliff in panic as he kept stepping back as I walked towards him. I didn't feel any remorse and I didn't kill him either. Well, the girl I hired is your girlfriend. I want you to walk away from this case to avoid you losing the thing you value most’’ I.am not interested in the company or your client because am a fulfilled man now.

Max left him there to think about what he has just told him and headed toward the area where longboards were kept. He took up one of them and moved towards the shore. ‘’Here we go Jim’’ Max shouted. The water current was at it again and he slowly followed it until it formed a big wave moving a faster speed. Jim was watching helplessly as the man who killed the case he is investigating walked away.

When Jim came back from East Coast, he sent an email to Duke’s son that he was backing off from the case and that the Duke was killed by the man he killed his dream. You may asked where I my in the picture. Actually, I'm Max.