After Olu had narrated his own story about what he enjoyed most while growing up, it is now my turn to share mine with him as well and I told him how I had enjoyed my childhood days but the most captivating of it is the fact that I'm the hydrophobia type. When it comes to swimming and all other things that has to do with water, I don't participate in it at all.

He went ahead to explain how he and his uncle had enjoyed surfing and how he had took the surfboard as his best friend while growing up. The conversation continued until it is time for the afternoon lecture.

We all gathered at the lecture theater that afternoon waiting for Professor Ajanaku until he finally arrived, he introduced the course to us because it is the beginning of the semester. He told us the course is divided into two aspect which is practical and theoretical work and it is a must for everyone of us to take part in it if we don't want to repeat the course next session.

He gave us the course code and when he gave out the course title, I was fused for a second, the course title read "Introduction To Surfing Sport" and for some minutes, he couldn't control the class and when we stopped the noise, he proceeded with his explanation on what is expected of us to have good grade in the course. "The practical aspect of this course is 70 marks while the theory aspect is just 30 marks." He said.

I was just wondering how I'm going to manage to scape through the course, just as a thought was telling me I can do it, I also had another thought saying I can't. The whole thing just looked like a revelation of what I and Olu had shared before the class. Now on Olu side, I can see that great feeling of elation but to me it was like the world is going to end.


Professor Ajanaku Lecture

Introduction To Surfing

Surfing is a water sport that allow you to move on the face of a moving waves towards the shore and the main concept behind this course is to build in you confidence, boldness, courage and the ability to believe in yourself. There are many ways in which you can surf, it is either through your leg which is the most common way, your knee or your belly. But for the purpose of this course, we will limit ourselves to that of leg which is also called standup surfing.

Types of Standup Surfing

  1. stand-up paddling
  2. long boarding
  3. short boarding


  1. surfboards
  2. kneeboards
  3. Wave skis
  4. bodyboards
  5. Stand Up Paddle boards 


The class was interesting though as many students can't just wait for the practical aspect of the course, Professor Ajanaku told us to get our surfboard ready in three weeks time because we are going to surf one by one and due to the population of the class, we won't be able to finish the practical in a week.

That night I couldn't sleep because the memory of a man who die in a pool of water when i was 8 years old came back to me and I was shivering. One of the prerequisite of getting my first degree is to pass Professor Ajanaku course and failure to do so means I will be waiting for another extra year.

The next morning, I was awake to a roughly shake and it was Olu, "hey guy! stand up, ain't you going to class today?" He questioned. "I slept lately last night because of Professor Ajanaku course and I think I will have to go and see him in his office to tell him I have phobia for water." I answered.

Olu see no reason why I should go see Prof and promised to help me out, "l'm very sure you can do it, all you just need to do is to master your faith." He encouraged.

Though it is always pretty cool to balance or maneuver on a moving water but the most important thing about surfing is a good waves according to what we have been taught by Professor Ajanaku. Olu was really a good friend as he took me to the ocean on a free day for practice. I watched him following the waves and it was so amazing, he later hold my hand and we both surf gently because I still don't have the mind to do it alone.

We concluded the theory aspect of the course and get all our surfboards ready, it was a Friday morning and the department has gotten everything ready to make sure we are all save for the practical work. The list was arranged alphabetically and I had to surf after Olu, Olu had a very good display and when it was my turn to go, I remembered what Olu told me to be the master of my faith. I stepped on the surfboard and followed the waves steadily until I became carried away with my bending on the running water.

I later had my own surfboard of 12 feet long and every weekends, I and Olu always go to the North Shore of Oahu , Hawaii. Olu was surprised when I propelled into the air and successfully landed the board back on the wave.

Note: This reading is fictional.

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