By Steven J. Weber - This Image was released by the United States Navy

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It was a beautiful evening as I walked down the aisle with my headphone 🎧🎧🎧 fixated to my ear. The song 🎼🎼🎼"perfect" by Ed sheeran was blasting my ear drums while I wave my head and twist my fingers in accord to the beat. I came to a halt seeing so much crowd gathered in the front gate of Mrs Payne's house. I tried to see what's happening but I couldn't. Then I asked a kid nearby and he told me some kinda strange buddies just moved into the neighborhood. Oh!!! So who are they(what's their names)? I was startled on hearing the name 'Undertaker, Kane & their sister Kimberly'. I was taken aback by the outcome of been a neighbour to the brothers of destruction and Kimberly the sister to the brothers. Who knows how destructive she could be?, I asked myself. Days later, I decided to pay them a visit for I've heard about their surfing prowess and I suspected they came over to relinquish me of my trophy in the upcoming NEIGHBORHOOD 🏄SURFING🏄 CHALLENGE. On my arrival, I saw the brothers rearranging their props. As they turned and stared at me, I was enveloped in fear, then I pedalled back just to hit something or rather someone tall and mighty. My flesh left my spirit, but when I turned around, it was a her. Oh, what a sign of relief. I was calm but still tensed at the sight of this three humongous beings. (Kimberly)

Days passed as I kept visiting her secretly in her work room and we grew fond of each other. It happened so quickly as I suspected it was uhm, what's it called again? yea, love at first sight❤❣❤💕💞💓💗. While we did our thing, I learnt she's into holographic science. When her brothers knew about our confidential meetings, they threatened her and made her turn against me. All of a sudden, Kimberly started acting cold. "At what point did I go wrong"? I pondered. Couple of days later I went to see her when I heard a loud bang coming from her ROOM. I went close to peep at what's happening when I saw a picture of me on fire with the inscription Rest In Peace. 😱😱😱 WTF!!! is the problem with those dudes? Without hesitating, I took on my heels back to my abode never to go an inch close to that house again. But what about my just found love?😭😭😭. She even disconnected me from every means of reaching her. How awful.


As I moved slowly but steady towards the strand,I went straight for my surfboard. There was a note attached to the pole where my board rested. As I read, I sensed fright running down my spine then I saw the brothers of destruction heading for their surfboards. Both of'em were astonished to see me wear a new surfing suit. As I looked around, it was their name that filled the air when its was supposed to be mine as the defending champ. I was awed at the sight of seeing few fans with my names on their lips. One could even hear the sound of a needle fall to the sand while the chanting of my surfing name goes on. Ya, that how small they echo. I wriggled my eyes in search of Kimberly but she was no where to be found.


As we surfed, I was solidly in third position behind the two brothers then the tussle started. They were busy throwing baby diapers, napkins and all sort of rubbish to my face. Where those came from, I don't know but I moved swiftly hither thither dodging all. With this effect, I withdrew to the fourth place saying to my self, "a soldier who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day". Unfortunately for me, these dudes came down to second and third place ASAP. it was then I knew all hell was about to break loose. I could see cumulonimbus producing thunderstorm⚡ controlled by undertaker while Kane sets the water on fire🔥. I was in dilemma, but at this point I'm not referring to the proverbial aspect. I was physically in between two devils👹👹 and the deep blue sea🌊. As I was in turmoil, my spirit👻 solaced my body to stand its ground then I pondered how that'll be achievable when I'm on the sea. The torment became unbearable as I went overboard not to be seen in the race again. Mission accomplished for the brothers.

They both finished second and third place respectively and was excessively happy not for their position but their success in eliminating me from the game. Their moment of joy was placed on permanent freeze as I came first. WHAT???😱😱😱. HOW POSSIBLE🤷‍💁‍💁‍💁‍???


Remember the letter I read?, it was sent by Kimberly. She told me to keep my head low that she had assembled a hologram of me to to partake in the race and serve as a distraction to her brothers. I saw the three dimensional image of me looking so real. The surfboard of the hologram was influenced by her from her control room. Remember when I withdrew to fourth place as I was stoned diapers by the brothers?, it was the hologram that stepped to fourth place while I moved up to first place without the brothers of destruction observing, haha. They blindly left me at first place while they try to take down the fake me in fourth place😂😂😂. Moreover, the hologram didn't go over board, the storm affected Kimberly's sight of the image, then she drove it into the sea, then left for the shore to welcome the real me.

From the sea, I raised my hood and just to see those hoodlums looking as awful as a jinxed wizard. Momentarily I took one step after another away from them before they take me down for real this time. As I dashed off into thin air, I crossed path with Kimberly. I could see her running towards me, her hair dancing to the direction of the wind, I was drowned in those beautiful eyes of hers, her smile could freeze a volcano. I felt drunk in love and it was then I knew "I FOUND LOVE". A she came up to me, hugged me, I felt the world shutting down. We held hands and marched into the clouds as we began our journey heading for "the day after forever".

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