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Another week, another Freaky Friday!! After missing last week's contest, I was sure to get an early entry in for this week's contest. This week sees a whopper grand prize of 77.77 SCR.

Yes, Freaky Friday, the most generous contest on Scorum keeps on giving. It's a weekly contest run by @pete and has many kind sponsors who help this to keep going week after week. It is a great chance for new bloggers and those trying to grow their account in the early days to get some much needed upvotes and support.

Here is the link for this week's contest, go on, give it a go, it's a lot of fun and who knows you might win the big prize.

Congratulations and thanks

Congratulations to last week's winner @mr-sarriball and a huge thanks to @clt17 who has donated 100SCR for next week's contest. What a generous thing to do.

I think they both deserve a round of applause.

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My entry for this week

My name is Frederick Aquino from Verona, Italia, but you'll probably know me as Freddie the Fish. I am writing this open letter to you all to tell my side of the story. As you all know I have never liked being the centre of attention, but it was unavoidable in the late twenty teens, when Underwater hockey took off and turned into the fastest growing sport in the world. As a pioneer of the sport and two time winner of the 'Golden Aqua Puck' I guess it was inevitable that I was going to become big news. Even as the waves of publicity hit, I always tried my best to stay out of the spotlight and very rarely gave interviews, and when I did, they were always strictly sport. I guess I am private man, who likes a clear boundary between my work and my home life.

The recent happenings however have left me with no choice but to acquit myself, and in order to do so, i will give you a little bit of background about me, underwater hockey and the infamous match from last week, after which I tested positive for Anabolic steroids and three other banned substances.

I was born in the city of Verona in the North of Italy. My father was a fisherman and my mother was a mermaid, so I guess it's strange that I ended up in this line of work, but strange things happen I guess. Our house was very close to the Adige river and I could be seen swimming there every day, once I was old enough to walk.

I got into underwater hockey at a very young age, here I am at my first training session with the guys.

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I was always the youngest member in those early days. Here is the rest of team from back then goofing around.. As you can see there was a small age gap, and the guys used to always tease me about my nappies and soother. All part of the team banter.

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As I grew older, I started to get better and better at underwater hockey and I even thought my Dad how to play. He went his whole life as a fisherman without knowing how to swim, as bizarrely many fisherman have a superstition that it is bad luck to learn how to swim. When he retired at 60, he decided to learn to swim and he even learned to play underwater hockey. This picture of the two of us playing is my favorite picture.

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By the time underwater hockey really took off in 2013, I was twenty years old and regarded by many as the best player in the world. Money was now being pumped into the sport like never before and the Sky Sports and BT Sports battled for the TV rights for the first Underwater Premier League. Four years later, I was earning more money than I ever thought possible and had just won my second 'Golden Aqua Puck'

That's when It all went horribly wrong. After a man of the match display in the final of the Fishbowl trophy, I was tested for doping. Inconvenient, yes, but no big deal, this was common for top athletes, so I thought nothing of it. When the results came back positive, my world started to crumble around me. All those so called friends abandoned me, and only the true friends and my family stuck by me.

What transpired, was truly shocking, one of my own team mates, Johnny Nemo was actually behind the positive drugs test. Yes, there were anabolic steroids and other banned substances in my system, but it wasn't me who put them there, it was Johnny.

He had seen my grow into one of the wealthiest, most successful sports stars in the world, and in a fit of jealously, he wanted to see me fall from my pinnacle and free the stage so that he could replace me.

Just look at the photo below. Johnny can be seen in the top left, with a syringe that he jabs me in the leg with. You can see from my eyes, that something just happened, but at the time, I just thought it was a tackle.

So, there you have it, I am not a drugs cheat at all, it was Johnny Nemo all along the sneaky scoundrel!

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Thanks a million for taking the time to read my crazy tale.

Peace Out.