"The fear of water is the beginning of wisdom".

This statement has been common among those under the deluded impression that water is dangerous even when it poses no threat. Yes, water is truly dangerous but which exercising activity is not? All other sport or exercise activities are also dangerous but its dangers can be contained through finding and knowing your way around it.

Aquaphobia is simply the fear of water and this fear can be aroused as a result of witnessing deaths in water or having a near-death or dangerous experience while in water.

I can't deny I have this fear of going near rivers, or trying to visit a pool. You can call it aquaphobia or just me not being manly but after hearing the story of a childhood friend who was a good swimmer drown alongside his friend that tried to help him in a river, I just can't find myself going close to a water in the name of swimming, at least for now.

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I might be harboring the fear of water now, simply because I heard sad and bad stories about water, but it doesn't erase the fact that I will be able to get in water when fully taught the skills around it.

This cannot be said of Aquaphobia victims though, as it is more of a psychological problem that demands psychological solutions.

Below, I will be sharing some tips that can aid those with Aquaphobia and hope they try them and get over their fear for water.

Restructure Your Thought:

You might have experienced or read about bad occurrences in water. Maybe a capsized boat or ship or a colliding with an object in water by an individual resulting to death. Overcoming Aquaphobia also means you have to think of the positive side of water.

Water gives life, it gives relief when people get into it mostly at summer. The beautiful creatures under water, how can they be seen if you do not get under water. The ones you heard of, how did you come about the knowledge if not for those that went under water and lived to tell the tales. Captain Matthew Webb swam a long distance in water and lived to tell the tale and win the price, so did so many others who broke Webb's record. If they can be free in water like this, you can too.

Be Comfortable With Water:

You can overcome aquaphobia by been comfortable with water. This can be made possible through different means like, getting close to water and imagining yourself in it swimming. Always try to stay near water, either a pool or a beach. Inhale and exhale the current from the water with your eyes closed and you are in the ocean of your head bearstroking your way to the Pacific and Artic.

Also, you can find someone that is a skilled swimmer to sit with you while you practice the imaginary swimming and let them help you with the experience inside water as you prepare.

Begin The Ride:

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. Before you start a car and incept a ride, you must first follow some due processes. Same goes with overcoming fear of swimming.

After you must have gotten used to sitting close to water, you can go ahead with dipping your legs inside it. From there, you find yourself being able to stand in the shallow part and before you know it, you move deeper.

Undertake Swimming Lessons:

Finding a swimming expert and undertaking swimming lessons is the ultimate task of overcoming the spirit of aquaphobia.

An expert will know your greatest fear and help you work towards overcoming it.

Swimming requires the use of your core muscles. Therefore, embark on exercises that strengthens the core muscles and aids stress and injury free swimming..


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