Poetry in Motion....dolphinacademy ;)

Swimming is great. It is relaxing, it's low impact yet can keep you super toned and also is very good for relieving joint tension. In competitive swimming there was bigtime controversy regarding suits that made one almost fish like based on them being technologically molded....after fish.

As a young Axey, I remember some places that had paid Mermaids that did sort of a combination of Aquatic Gymnastics and just lots of flipping and flopping. Most girls love Mermaids like they love Unicorns. Men are really getting into this movement/sport/workout too and the tails are pretty cool but please do not confuse a Mermaid and Merman okay?

However, turning into a Unicorn to exercise and do a full body workout is rather impractical....unless you are into Pony Play. (dare you to google that!) Having dived and snorkled a ton I can tell you that flippers alone take adjustment and rather strong leg and core muscles but once you get the hang of it you can be one with the elements.

Pisces are my favorite sign ever, so beautiful and fluid and there are two of them if you are into group luv!....giphy

Here is a site that offers the full Mermaid workout experience and lifestyle. All Mermaids and Mermen are beautiful seems to be a motto as swimming with a rather cumbersome tail would help add to your workout as a mythical creature of the world of wetness. https://www.dolphinacademy.co.uk/adult-mermaid-swimming-blog/

FinFun/ Youtube Common Usage .....the American take on how to be a Mermaid. Screw Hot Yoga I want to be Ariel!

How do you feel about this workout trend? Do you see humanity merging more with nature to use the design made by God to enhance our own health and well being? Do you think Michael Phelps is a Merman? Do you have anything you just want to say? Then feel free to comment below and Swim on you Sassy Scorumites!

If you are a bad fish I'll make you into Sushi and Sashimi so be nice or go swim with the Sharks!!! So Punny..... okay then, gonna give Ariel the Little Mermaid a run for her money next time we go to the Caribbean. I hear that a literal Pirate Pilates workout program is in the works...what a wacky world!