Lismar Lyon: "In Buenos Aires, I will give the best of me"

Lismar Lyon inspires confidence. She is cheerful, friendly and disciplined, three characteristics that pushed her to achieve one of her dreams: to represent Venezuela in the Youth Olympic Games.

With 17 years, the one born in San Felix, Bolívar state confessed that her passion for the sport began with football, from there, she went to the pools, a place she defines as the "place that makes her happy".

"I started swimming at the age of eight, thanks to my brothers. They all practiced it and I followed that path, "he said.

Lyon, who has been national champion on more than ten occasions, has also represented and left the tricolor on high internationally in competitions such as the Speedo Sectionals, United States 2018: 1st in 50 and 100 butterflies, Copa UANA Corals Spring: 1st in 50 m butterfly 2nd in 100 m butterfly, 3rd in 50 m free, also shone in the 2nd South American Games of Youth, Santiago 2017, where she was crowned champion in the 50 and 100 butterfly.

"The South Americans define them as one of the most important competitions of my life because it was the first time I won two gold medals in an international competition and I achieved the A mark for Buenos Aires," he said.


"Lily", as she is affectionately called, has her clear objective: To be one of the best in the Youth Olympic Games.

The Creole continued her training to Buenos Aires, in Ohio, thanks to the International Swimming Federation Scholarship, obtained from the hand of the Venezuelan Federation of Aquatic Sports and the Venezuelan Olympic Committee.

"The training has been based on the Olympic Games. I was in Ohio, a six-month plan to improve and be ready. Last year I never imagined this. When I made my marks I felt confident and I do not see it impossible. From the beginning, I always felt very happy. "


Lyon, who confesses to admiring Katinka Hosszu, for being a world-class swimmer, is not limited. "Never stop fighting for your goals, each failure later will lead you to success".

After Buenos Aires, he plans to combine his training with his studies. "I'm going to study, at this age, you decide what you want to be. I want to study dentistry, my brothers are doctors, and I like this part. I know I can".

Your message is clear. The youth wants to tell the world not to stop dreaming and do what they like: "I invite you to practice swimming. It is one of the most complete sports we have, we find friendship, camaraderie and discipline. "