Diving is an extreme sport in water which is currently quite attractive to tourists. Many tour service providers open their trip destinations to several Dive Sites. Call it to the Indonesian island of Sabang with its Shark Point, Raja Ampat with a variety of Dive Site points, and the thousand islands that are as beautiful as their marine biota.

Sports in this water can be considered as an expensive hobby. Because it's enough to drain the bag if we want to dive once. The high price of a dive is indeed because the tools needed are not just any tools. Even the way to dive sites must use sea transportation that requires a lot of fuel, not to mention the sea situation and conditions that cannot be predicted easily.

Doing diving is actually not just anyone can do it. People who want to do diving actually have to have a diving permit or diving certification from the diving agency. Because a diver needs to have some ability to overcome trouble or problems while diving. Call it one of them is the difference in pressure in each depth.

Water pressure that gets deeper and stronger will suppress the body of a diver, it is not impossible to cause some serious problems. If a diver cannot overcome this, he will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, because of the pain he feels in some parts of his body.In addition to water pressure, some problems can occur when someone dives. Running out of air in the tube often happens when a diver is too cool to enjoy the underwater world. Besides diving goggles or google if not good in its treatment can cause fogging or dew. This will block the view of divers.

But these problems can certainly be above. Good calm and technique need to be owned by a diver. Technical techniques to overcome these problems will be ready to be faced by a diver who already has a certification. Because the certifying institution certainly has the qualifications for a diver.

But beyond the problems that will be faced will pay off when you see the beauty under the sea. Especially Dive Site in Indonesia which is truly amazing. Soft coral expanse in Pulau Panggang for example, is a beautiful marine biota to be enjoyed.

Coral reefs where various marine biota live become a beautiful sight. Not to mention the interaction of various fish in the sea which is a separate lesson for us.

Problems and obstacles certainly exist when we want to enjoy a beauty, especially the beauty of the underwater world. But that does not mean it is a reason to discourage us from enjoying and studying God's creation.

Some steps we need to follow to get a satisfaction and valuable lessons. Especially for this extreme sport, we must be patient and persistent to enjoy it.

thank you very much friends of the scorum community