diving is an activity where we dive under the sea as freely as possible.

That means we don't use any tools when diving.

This free dive is almost the same as we do if we dive in the pool.

The difference is, we do this free diving in the ocean.

Because we don't use tools, we have to hold our breath for a certain time, depending on how strong we are in the sea.

This type of diving is done only relying on the lungs.

So, we must have the ability to hold good and right breath.

We also have to have a healthy respiratory system too, friends.

Scuba diving

scuba diving is a little different from free diving.

If we do scuba diving, we will be assisted by several diving tools.

For example oxygen tubes and diving glasses.

With the presence of this oxygen tube, we don't need to hold our breath like when we dive freely.

We also can be longer in the sea to enjoy the underwater beauty.

the word scuba itself actually stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

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