One of the many benefits of sports is automatic exercise we get. ✅ Whether it's football (running) or tennis (tactical movements), a good workout routine is essential in keeping fit and maintaining your top game performances. Sometimes, the routine of gym may not be appealing and that's why swimming is a nice alternative. 

Especially in summer time. 😎 The heat can actually be a good time to get out into the cold swimming pool and start swimming. If you are lucky to have swimming pool (there are 2 well-maintained pools in my apartment complex) where you live, you should give it a try.

Swimming as Exercise
Swimming as Exercise

It is refreshing and can be a fun way to add to your routine gym workout. Instead of avoiding the same motions in the gym a or just looking for a change of exercise, swimming can provide all of that. You can burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories easily in a short period of time. Shred those extra pounds from your body. ✂

You exercise your whole body at the same time. There are different ways to swim (freestyle, butterfly and so on ). Even if you are not swimming the entire time, you can experience the nice outside ambience and take in all the sunshine (produce Vitamin D naturally).

Many sports players understand the advantages of swimming and incorporate it as part of their training. We should do the same! 


  • Have at least 1 towel to dry yourself immediately once you get out of the pool.
  • If you need sunscreen when exposing your skin to sunlight, please do so.
  • Wear goggles for better underwater visibility.