Alicia Navarre has been included in the 18th Asian Games organizer, Indonesia. On August 18, the start of the game was 9 years 136 days!

Asian Games 'in the Ocean' little Alika Novi How 'Swimming' is cut? What is only a 9-year-old girl or a 'swim' cut! He did not understand how old he was. But the surprise is that Alikai, the organizer of the 18th Asian Games, has been included in the Indonesia squad. This is a history. More than that, Alika is the youngest athlete in Jakarta Asia. On August 18, the start of the game was 9 years 136 days!

Interestingly, there is one in this game, whose age it will be astonished. This is Alika's father's oldest father. Ian in the Philippine Bridge player Kong. Age only 85!

Anyway, how many people were waiting to see how little little lover was watching. But it was not very good to see people in the dark. Because his event is 600 kilometers away from Jakarta, in the town of Palembang. Yesterday ended. The medal could not have been the little girl born on April 2, 2009. But he did win the medal. It is difficult to skateboard with such courage on such a huge stage as the Asian Games. This is very similar to roller skating. This game is to perform physical exercises on a high level of skate board.

After watching the play Alikki in Palembang, Jaya returned to Jakarta on Wednesday, Mitalipana Mullipakasi. She is so far away for her little girl. Maulipaksi worked in the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Public Relations Officer His work on education, culture, language etc. In Asian Games, you have been given additional responsibility for informing the country's children about playing in the games of the country. It is a big goal that new players are inspired to come to play.

Coincidentally, with Maulipaksi in the main press center of the Jakarta Asian Games yesterday, Alika was talking about. Talk about his interest in the introduction of the Bengali language. Indonesia's Ministry of Education also celebrates International Mother Language Day on February 21, like many other countries. It has to be in the form of mulipakasakei also.

The story goes on in the story. It was known that, this year, 22 February released a movie named YES Ben in Jakarta in Java. Java is the regional language here. When the director said on 21st February International Mother Language Day, in his speech on the occasion of the release of the picture show respect to the Bengali language. Because the director is making the director a special population. Whose 80 percent of the dialogue is in java Talking about unfriendly language, Molypacki went back to praise Alikka. 'This is a girl. Playing in Asian Games does not make you think 'Urval 'I was surprised to see this girl's courage. Our 12-year-old daughter also played on a skateboard. She got bronze. Which is a brilliant mantra for our youth. '

Call him Alika Baba with the number from him. On the horizon and on the edge of the phone, Novry Hadri was excited about her daughter, 'My little girl made a history in Asian Games. There is no greater joy than this. We are all very happy. What has not been the medal!

A soft drinker company servant, Novry Hadri lives in Jakarta. The eldest of two daughters is 15 How did the little alike get to play skitboard? The gentleman says, 'When Alika was seven, a cousin sister came to visit my house with a skitboard. Playing as a toy, Alika also got fun. Then take a look and buy him one. After buying, she has made so much progress that the Indonesian Games have got the opportunity to be in the national team. We are also surprised. '

Alika could not handle nervous naturally on such a big stage. Played in the girls' street event. His ranking among 8 contestants was 6. Got 13.3 points. The difference between Marzelli Didel (30.4) of the Philippines, however, Alika was afraid to be frightened while playing in such a big competition in front of family and friends. While hanging on his shoulder, he was going to school in Jakarta for the joy of meeting, Alicia was going to match the complex calculations of the points on the skittboard!

After finishing his game, he said, 'I lost sight of myself. Tired of nervousness. But i'm very happy I could compete in bigger events like Asian Games. "Baba Novri Hadri says, sometimes they have not pressed the girl to do so. That's as much as he could. Really so Just the beginning of Alika. In this way, the international quality athlete grew from small to country. They run away, far away!