Hello! Friends,

Good day to you all. Just as many that do read my articles and reviews already know that there are sometimes I bring in reality factor into the world of sport to show the impact of sport in our day to day activities. I have submitted lessons learned in the world of boxing, tennis, and basketball. Today I will share with lessons derived from the world of swimming.

Swimming is not a sport that only focused on record-breaking, silver or gold medals or best times, yes they are all good but swimming and mainly all sport have critical things to communicate to an aspect of our lives. Follow me closely:

Swimming brought in humility, hard work and reason to be team player despite the far that swimming looks like an individual sport. Let me quickly show how it's related to our lifestyle as humans.

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Swimming Teaches Hard Work

To start swimming, it requires hard work. Waking up to engage in some exercise, finding yourself in the pool surrounded by large water which you need to learn to control. Same happened in life, you are surrounded with many challenges of life that require your effort to take up that challenge and conquer them. When you are seeking to accomplish a thing, it requires you to give your all and you all may not good enough but you develop it with hard work.

Like a swimmer in the pool of life when you take hard work as your day to day activities, success will follow you in the pool of life.

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Build Yourself To Cope With Setback or Failure

You train well, work hard and set to the game just to end it with losing the game. Yes, you prepared well, you swam well but does it means it will always be fair with you? A swimmer always learns that sometimes no matter the hard work put in the practice the result may not be to his favor. When this time comes, it teaches us to be mentally tough and we will come out stronger from it. it is the time to be humble and push forward.

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It’s not an immediate thing, it is a process.

During my university days, there was a guy that believes he can do all thing even without training. Yes, he can play football perfectly well and claimed he can swim even without him train how to swim. If not that a guy that followed him to a swimming pool know how to swim he would have drowned inside the pool before rescue team comes. Swimming is not what venture into saying I can do it without following the process of learning how. You need to create a schedule that you will follow hourly, daily, weekly and this will form your habit.

A swimmer will train in order to watch over his body height, weight and shoulders. Though how fast a swimmer will be is not basically on his posture, it is part of it. You pick up a career, work, or business, try to learn from those that are ahead of you and don't look at age.

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Make Discipline Your Way of Life

A swimmer inside the pool will train for 2 hours or more than. It is the swimmer that build himself to the point of staying on top of his training for hours. Look at some fellow, when they clock 16 years and get access to driver's license, they are free from controlling them on how to drive. As a swimmer that knows he needs to wake up at 6 am but the weather is too cold and switch off his alarm, cover himself and continue his sleep. Yes, to conquer alarm clock in the morning is tough but you have to discipline yourself. Discipline is the soul of business in life.

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Swimmer Must Work As Team For Better Outcome For Him And The Team

Swimming competition sometimes comes with you competing with your teammate. When you consider relay in swimming and a swimmer is trying to consider himself as superhuman with high speed in the pool believing that he will end well, he needs to have the mind of there are a race that is beside him and he needs to learn not to always do things on his own. Well, when a swimmer chase greatness alone is powerful but I must say this, a group of swimmer chasing greatness will always be unstoppable.

I will need to stop here.

The overview of my saying here reveals that to be a champion is not based on I am the first swimmer to the wall, it is all about your humble mood in victory, ability to congratulate others, and lastly you must be ready to set an example for an upcoming swimmer to lean on. This shows you are a legend to emulate.