This is my first contribution to Pete's "Freaky Friday Contest". Many thanks for this great opportunity to help some new writers here on Scorum to get some exposure.

I didn't really know where this story will take me but I had quite some fun putting my words together. It is all about one of those days when your mind is trying to trick you. Hopefully while reading you will notice a little smile on your faces too.

And that is how it all started.

It was one of those days when I just felt like a stone, heavy and unable to move. Work was exhausting and the family at home was sucking out the rest of any energy left. I have been feeling like this for quite a while, and the only thing I have been looking forward was my bed. Sleep was all I wanted yet I didn't get enough to recharge my batteries at all. When I finally manage to call it a day it usually becomes way past midnight and as soon as I go to bed I sink down, like....well, like a stone. Sleep hit me hard like a black-out, but much harder are the morning, when the merciless alarm clock makes me after what feels like 30 minutes. The only thing that keeps me going is an extended cold shower and sipping coffee throughout the whole day.

But today was somehow different, I hardly made it out of the bed and the house and I was moving around in a mix of daze and confusion. I didn't manage to do much at work and my boss mutt have sensed you useless I was and apparently couldn't stand having me around him today, so out of the sudden he send me home to catch some rest and recover.

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However, as I said this day was different. I do have no explanation for what happened then. On my way home I passed the old pool where when I was much younger used to spend quite some quality time with my friends. No idea why I suddenly decided to run home and get out my old swim trunks and head back to the place of my childhood days. Did I want to bring back some of the memories from when I was in full bloom and power?

I hadn't gone swimming for many years but I somehow recall how relaxed and recharged I felt after a dozen of laps in the some luke-warm water. It was still the early in the afternoon and the school kids had already left. My head was still spinning and the daze in front of my eyes had rather increased since the morning, but somehow I was able to purchase a ticket without arousing any attention. But since the place had changed quite a bit I went straight into the next trouble when I started stripping off my clothes and the high-pitched voice of some senior lady clearly showed me that I was in the wrong changing room. Maybe the beating which I hardly escaped should have been a final warning. But I went on.

After finally finding the right place to change into my worn-out swim short I was rather floating towards the old pool. The wall decoration displayed some figures from the old Greek mythology and I am still sure some of those gods where talking to me. Even now I still can hear Poseidon telling me to stay away from unknown waters, which might be full of dangerous sea creatures and dreadful currents. But I just knew it better and turned a deaf ear to any advice.

Not many people seemed to have had the same idea as me and I had the pool almost for myself. I started with a couple of laps and felt good. The warm water made my whole body relax and I was just focusing on moving around. But since I am not used to swimming at all I soon got exhausted and decided to continue with back stroke. Same position as in bed. I felt more and more dizzy but I kept on swimming my laps. When I looked up to the ceiling I noticed a big mosaic of Homer and his Odyssey. I saw the sirens and I swear I could hear their luring and enchanting music which told me to close my eyes and stop worrying. Just let go and come close, I heard them cheering.

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And then it got dark. I don't know what happened but when I finally got to my senses again and opened my eyes I was down at the bottom of the pool. I looked around me and almost froze to death.

From all sited I was attacked but swimming muscular Adonises holding some sword or sable in their hands. This must be the world of the Greek mythology, did I already pass the Realm of Hades?

What were they after, my soul or my body? They looked like pirates with their blades in their hands. I tried to shout out loud, but that was definitely not the best idea so deep under water. So that is it, no way to escape, I was surrounded by more and more of those swimming buccaneers who were pointing their weapons directly toward me.

I was sure my last moment had come but I decided not the fend them off, they were way to many and I wanted to face my dreadful end like a man. Open eyes and a strong look, not scared of anything what will come next.

When the first of my attackers reached me I was ready to accept the deathblow, but somehow he wasn't aiming at my heart, but rather further down where it would hurt much more than what I was willing to take. Expecting some terrible game of torture I finally started moving and at the last moment he fortunately missed my most precious items and only hit some little red plastic disc which suddenly came into the open.

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And as if by command the whole swarm of sea wolves changed their direction and chased behind the little red thing which they hit again and chased through the whole pool. What had just happened?

I didn't want to wait for the answer and ruled out it will be better to go on a run, or better on a swim and get the hell out of this doomed water. As soon as I reached the surface I noticed a huge cheering crowd who seemed to applaud my attackers for every move they did under water. What the hell is going on here?

Still not keen in finding out what the thing was about I heaved myself out of the water and sprinted right out of the next door. To not waste time and get into any trouble again I just grabbed my belongings and kept running until I was home.

No need to tell anyone there, who would believe this kind of story. They would rather accuse me of being drunk in the afternoon than trusting my weird words. So all I did was heading to bed straight and trying to rest my mind and body and trying to forget this freaky Friday episode.

But I just can't!