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My name is Ridder and I'm only a forest boy. About 5ft 10inches, had the height and body shape of an adult with a scar to my chest. My mum has always told me it was a fire accident whenever I ask. Born into the home of fishermen, I could imagine the turbulences on water whenever my maternal uncle asks me to come go fishing with the crew. He knew I'm always sea sick when i travel by the sea but still torments me with the idea of going fishing. Nevertheless, i repudiated every idea of fishing knowing fully well that I'll be compelled to do such some day, but not now. My mother was only a seam mistress, and my father? He's an anonymous being whom mom has always dropped me off the track whenever I ask of him. I do ponder if he is dead or I'm just too young to know since I'm only 16.

My love for the forest knew no bound. The trees dancing to the wind, birds chirping, the mole rats peeping from their holes, the antelopes galloping and the black ants marching around busy all day (24/7) doing nothing. At the top of the mangrove tree I perched staring at the water body in awe. I could feel some magnetics waves from the river attracting me as I climbed down heading towards the river bank. All I could do was dip my legs in and allow the little fishes pick the dirt on my feet.


This was an occasional event that comes up the night of every full moon. All families will march into the sea to fish and the family with the biggest game wins. I knew this time for sure that I'll be going ashore coercively since I'm old enough. I've been ridiculed severally by the fishing crew for been a junk. I was about to board the boat when mom ran out to me, held my hands and whispered into my ears, "You are the son of your father and may the spirits be with you". Those words struck me hard. Why would she tell me I'm the son of a man whom she has never told me about? Well, my father must be a great fisherman and swimmer and with the fact that I've done neither of those, the words might be for encouragement though, " I sighed".

Far in the middle of the sea, I was really frightened but I feigned intelligence, claiming I could really handle the nets and task ahead. Thanks to heavens, I casted the net into the sea swiftly waiting for a catch. I held my cutlass swiftly in its pack tied around my waist. Minutes passed as we waited patiently. The sea was calm and I could hear voices beneath as if they were talking to me. I must going sea sick again, "I lamented to my self". SPLASH goes the water as I fell into it. I was caught off guard when an enormous sea animal ran into the net and dragged me over board. I began to scream for help, knowing fully well I'll drown to death since I can't swim. To my greatest surprise, no body car to my rescue. The were busy trying to hold onto the net that trapped the big game. I turned towards the game, just to screamed out loud again, Woah😱!!! that a gigantic fish. That must be a Marlin as I've always seen in pictures. To my surprise, I was not really drowning and I could breath, as well as talk in the sea. That moment felt better than been on land. I could even hear the Marlin scream out for help. It was the best moment of my life, 🙌😘😜. So I could really swim all this while and I knew nothing about it?


I decided to take a swim around while the crew struggled with the fish. I did not let them know of my new found ability and by now they all must think I'm dead already😏. While swimming around, I could see a shinning light far away. I swam down, following the light. There was a small town with some kinda barrier surrounding it. With profuse anxiety, I approached the city under water. I halted by some gigantic being that really looks like a human, with the tail of a fish. This must be ATLANTIS as I've heard in tales. This funny creatures unarmed me of my cutlass and took me to a building that looks like a palace. I was thrown at the feet of a god looking like creature with the name Poseidon inscribed on his Seat.

He couldn't even look down as his concentration was on the water field where two people swim towards something that looks like a puck, holding a carved object, hitting each other times after another. Right there, I could see some being type creature with legs, the others with tails(mostly the females). There was a winner, then he requested what my mission was? The guards told him they saw me moving around the border axis and brought me to him for scrutiny. He ordered them to throw me into the game against his son who just won his last contender. I knew nothing about the game but from the little I observed, it was all about taking the round brick object into a hole. I requested to use my cutlass since it was curved like the stick they used. The reason I requested for my cutlass was for security reasons though not just for playing the game😼.

Underwater hockey from


The game commenced and I was so close to the brick looking object when "Atlas" struck me with his stick and knocked me unconscious. I woke up under the restriction of shackles that bonded my hands and feet to a table. I was already half naked. I could see Poseidon and his son(Atlas) with an aged man murmuring. They were pointing to the scar on my chest as well as looking at the pendant Poseidon wore. After the discussion, Poseidon left the room filled with rage😬. Then Atlas walked up to me alongside the aged man, unshackled me, hugged me close and called me "brother". No, no, no, I'm in dilemma of what's really happening here, my head began to sway and it hurts me more because of the knock I received from him in the game. Maybe I'm only hallucinating. What does this dude really mean by the word brother, I pondered. Minutes later, Poseidon came in explaining to me that I was a product of his reckless actions on earth when he visited the humans and the scar to my chest was the same with the pendant he wore. This is ridiculous😨.

Can someone come to my aid please😵. I can't just bear the emotion. I felt like crying in laughter. I was sad and happy at the same time. I just found my father was the happy thing, How could my mom have something to do with a god? That was my sadness. Does this mean I'm a demigod? yea, that's the question.

I had to ask him why he has never dared to visit us on land. With a sad face he responded, it was forbidden by "Cronus", My father whose your grandfather from crossing this realm onto the lands after the encounter with your mom. I left you with the trident scar the night you were born so as to reunite with you when the time is right. Wow!!! Does this man really mean I'm a demigod and I possess some kinda cool powers?


After some necessary rituals, I was sent back home. Arriving home, I could see mom from afar in tears. She turned towards the sea just to see me running towards her. It was a glorious moment for us. She told me it has been two weeks I got drowned and I'm still alive. How possible? It only felt like a day down there, I thought. I narrated every story to her in details and handed to her the pendant my father gave me. She smiled and walked away, with her hands on her waist and head moving both sides. It was no big deal she was once his consort while I remained his son.

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