Swimming is a sport that is most loved by everyone, both men and women. Everyone dalat swims according to their respective styles based on their expertise, There are several styles of swimming that we can do are as follows.

  1. Supine style

Supine style is a style that is often done by everyone, this style is very easy to see but difficult to do, because it requires a balance so we do not sink. If someone who has not been able to float in the water they will be very afraid to sink and make them panic, when they panic they are very difficult to balance themselves in the water.

2. Butterfly style

Butterfly style is almost the same as freestyle, it's just that we need energy for the hands and feet to pedal when we are on the surface of the water. This style is difficult to do by beginners because it requires concentration and balance of the body, both hands are swung forward when the body is in or out of the water.

3. Chest style

Chest style or also called the frog style is a style of swimming that is positioned on the surface of the water for a long time, the chest position is on the surface of the water and the movements of the hands are also feet like a frog swimming. When swimming the legs are straight. And also vice versa when the foot is pedaling or like a frog swimming then both hands are straight forward. This style is also very easy to do by beginners.

Those are some types of swimming styles that are often carried out by all swimmers or athletes.

Thanks for you reading!