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Benefits of Swimming for Body Health
Just keep swimming! Swimming is one of the best sports activities to train the whole body. Here are 7 amazing benefits that the body will get if you swim regularly. 1. Swim to train cardio and body strength. Yes, swim cardio training because you don't stop moving! According to the triathlon coach and Tailwind Endurance owner Earl Walton, your body muscles will also work harder because water is 800 times denser than air. 2. Swimming is a low-impact sport. This type of exercise with low intensity turns out to be suitable for all ages because the activities carried out will not feel heavy on the joints. So, to avoid excessive pressure that will cause joint or muscle injury, you should choose a low-impact exercise! 3. Swimming increases lung capacity When swimming, your body adapts to use oxygen efficiently. With more effective oxygen intake and carbon dioxide release, swimming habits can reduce blood pressure and lower resting heart rates. 4. Swimming makes running activities easier. Swimming regularly will increase your body's resistance drastically, you know. With stronger leg muscles and cores, coupled with the ability of your lungs to use oxygen properly - even running activities will be easier for you 5. Swimming lowers stress levels. Research has found that floatation therapy (where you soak the whole body in water) can relieve symptoms of patients who are experiencing chronic stress. No wonder the bathtub session can always make the mood quieter! 6. Swim makes lazy muscles work. When you cycle or run, the arm doesn't move much. But when you swim, not only your feet work but also your entire arms and shoulders. Swimming also helps you stabilize the deep muscles in the core and back of the back. Yes, please. 7. Swimming ability will open access to many new experiences. Do you want to try snorkeling in the sea with friends or jumping from a waterfall? Too bad, if you have to miss a variety of exciting experiences because you can't swim. Swimming is a life skill you can not miss!

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