As time go by, Betman has less hope of BetScorum future, and more love to the table sports. Because it is obvious we will never see women’s tennis at the betting platform…

Football mafia made football so dull that Betman was forced to turn to chess and other table sports. Chelsea used their chance without Betman’s bets to snatch flap-eared Cup. Disgusting… Is there anything better to watch? Of course there is!

The best combination of chess and women’s tennis – ping-pong! Or table tennis if you are not from Hong Kong.

If you haven’t ever play chess, that is Bernadette Szocs, best known as the first person who used pink rubber in ping-pong, making it therefore pink-pong.

How come no one made a spectacular marketing campaign and make Betman famous when he forty years ago was the first to use most fashionable plaid green-and-yellow racket?

And if you think that table sports are not good for health, just look how table tennis can provide you with a beautiful body:

Anastasia Rybka
Anastasia Rybka

Betman will try to acquire such a body (or two) by gathering more SCRs hoping that a con artist Elon Musk will one day mention it in his Tweets…

Until then, Cheerio!