Table tennis is a sport that is very unique and interesting to learn, various groups like this sport. Likewise with me, although I only understand a little about this, but I am very interested in learning table tennis or ping pong.

Some sources say that this game was discovered by British soldiers who were assigned to India or South Africa and brought back to their country, there are also those who say the initial discovery was from a hobby where the beginning was to use a dining table and a cork ball.

In Indonesia alone table tennis began to be known since the 1930s during the colonial era by the Dutch. At the beginning of its appearance Table tennis was only played by Dutch people, but as the times evolved, table tennis began to be played by people who worked in government.

and this is table tennis in the countryside and the city.

and this is table tennis that is played by elite or city people.

from my post, you can judge how lagging Indonesia is compared to other countries.