I hope all of you are excited about the imminent release of our betting platform, we know that it is our golden egg hen!

Well welcome to another week of this small initiative to expose, reward and thank users for creating articles that denote and excel for their quality, weekly I will be giving between 50 and 60 scorums as an initial pot which will be distributed among the 5 weekly winners.

The key and essential of this contest is that every 7 days I will discuss a sport, which will serve as the main topic. The only requirements to participate is to write a post about anything related to that sport, some history of yours, your passions dreamed about the sport, even if you do not know anything you are totally free to investigate and perform some compilation, well the creativity will decide on what you are going write.

Hey! but even if you do not participate actively, everyone wins here! You just have to comment on some thoughts about the work of another user, you can also recommend the sport of the week, give me ideas for other contests! I will vote your comments.

the prizes of this week were 60 Scorum, being 19 scorums for the first place, 14 scorums for the second place and 9 scorums for the 3 last places.

Fraste - A Master writer - First Place (19 SCR)

Volleyball climax in Atlanta

Ablaze- as always - Second place (14 scr)

My experiences of volleyball

Kolumbus- Third place- Great entry (9 SCR)

Chronicles of volleyball

Austino - Amazing!- Fourth place- (9 SCR)

Volley Ball: The Game, The Fun, The Magic...

stanleyasokingz- The last of the champions! - (9 SCR)


Prizes sent!!!

Sixth week - New contest! 60 SCR instead of 50

( Tennis)

the sport considered for the rich by many at least in my country, I think it is very difficult not to know the majesty of this discipline that combines several admirable skills in a person and without a doubt it is quite enjoyable among friends; I say who would not get bored having to hit the ball with the racket while alone.

It is very common to see tennis courts in clubs and you must have a good cardio for a decent game.

Well I hope to see your amazing entries this week and lets start the hunger games! (wrong battle ups)