The best tennis player in the history of Poland ends her career. The fact that Agnieszka intended to end her career was already mentioned some time ago. Due to health problems and recent injuries, Agnieszka announced on her facebook profile that she ends her career.

As she admits, she does not bid farewell to tennis, but ends her career at tournaments. Unfortunately, she never managed to win the grand slam tournament, but as the second Polish woman in history she reached the finals. Radwanska is 29 years old and her career lasted 13 years. Twice, she reached the Australian Open semi-finals, she also won tournaments from the WTA Premier Mandatory series in Miami and Beijing or a prestigious competition in Dubai.

She has 20 wins in WTA tournaments and nearly 600 games played during her career.

Throughout this time, she proudly represented Poland, but finally the time to end her career has come. Agnieszka played for the last time at a tournament in Seoul in September this year. Since then, Radwanska didn't play any game due to her rehabilitation. She admitted that she had problems with her toes in right foot. Additionally, she added that her left foot, which was once operated, is much more 'damaged'.

During her career, Agnieszka has repeatedly won various titles such as The Best Player of the Year (in 2013-2017). And in 2011-2015 (also five times in a row) she won the title of Favorite Tennis Player in the audience. In 2008, 2012, and 2016, she represented Poland at the Olympic Games.

In 2013, Agnieszka was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit, which is awarded in order to recognize services to the country, in this case, of course, outstanding sporting achievements and the promotion of sport.

Extremely warm and kind words towards Radwanska flowed from her rivals from the tennis court.

Agnieszka's friend, Dane of Polish descent, Caroline Wozniacki, wrote a few words in Polish. "You had a wonderful career, you can be very proud of yourself."

Even the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, thanked our excellent tennis player for a beautiful career. "Dear Mrs. Agnieszka! Thank you for all the successes and great promotion of Poland on the world courts! Good luck in all new plans and activities!"

Big thank you Agnieszka from all of us!