The thought of a new International Tennis Premier Leagues sounds energizing, to say the slightest, with eight top-10 players, counting Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Stanislas Wawrinka, all set to require portion amid the sport's low season in December. The truth that up to USD 23,975,000 was gone through within the draft prepare appears that there will be no shortage of star control during the league.

After the groups met in Dubai on Sunday for the draft, Nadal will speak to Mumbai, Djokovic will play for Dubai, and Murray has been drafted into Bangkok whereas Serena Williams, the best women player, will be within the Singapore group. Out of the 28 players that got drafted, there are 21 Amazing Hammer champions and 14 past and show number ones. Whereas four-time Australian Open winner, Djokovic called the ITPL a 'fantastic' concept, 17-time Terrific Hammer winner Roger Federer pulled out saying he needed to see on the off chance that the alliance really materializes or not.

The format of the tennis association has been uncommonly planned for the TV medium. One tie incorporates a men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, past champion’s singles and mixed pairs. These will be completed inside three hours. It'll be one set per coordinate and there will be a tiebreak when the scores are level at 5-5. At the conclusion of the day, the group with more diversions will be announced the champ. Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai and Mumbai have been authoritatively named as the best four Asian goals where establishments will be based. There will be away-and-home matches among these groups and chances are that a modern group from Kuala Lumpur may connect these establishments in December.

In spite of the fact that sometimes a change is essential. Tennis is getting to be much of a personal game and Davis Cup competitions are now no longer important. There's one thing to use caution almost, in any case. The Universal Head Tennis Association is sweet for making the game more prevalent but it can moreover lead to the arrangement of unmistakable bunches among tennis players, with many stressed almost how it may influence the normal tennis calendar.