By winning the US Open, Rafael Nadal has come close to a record length of Grand Slam titles by Roger Federer (19 against 20). In the background, there is also the struggle for the place of world No. 1 between the Spaniard and Novak Djokovic, which indirectly interests the Swiss.

And suddenly, Rafael Nadal cracked. Sitting in his chair, after a grueling final of the US Open against Daniil Medvedev, the Spaniard could not contain his tears while being displayed on the giant screen images of his titles in Grand Slam, which are counted "Yes, we are getting older," the Majorcan smiled, referring to this passage in a press conference, "In a way, that's good." When I see what I've been through, physically or mentally It's always special for me to be here again, I had a lot of emotions seeing these pictures again. "

In a way, it is the history of tennis that Nadal was contemplating, the one he is writing in the company of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. The Grand Slam title counter is now 19 for the Spaniard, 20 for the Swiss and 16 for the Serbian, the three most successful players in the field. All generations combined, of course. "This competition, if it attracts fans and interests people, is good for our sport, judge Majorcan, and I am honored to be part of this battle." Although he is now closer than ever to Federer's mythical record, Nadal, unlike Djokovic, repeated that he was not obsessed with it. "I would like to be the one who wins the most, but I do not think about it, and that's not why I train all the players, I play tennis ... because I love the tennis."

Soon No. 1 ... to help Federer ?

The fight between the three giants will resume at the Australian Open, in January 2020, regarding the Grand Slam tournaments. On the end of the season, it is the place of world No. 1 which is at stake. And the other mythical record of Federer, at the same time. Switzerland is the player who has spent the most time at the top of the ATP ranking, with 310 weeks of reign in total. Djokovic, currently, is at 268. If no one dislodges him by next July, and the end of Wimbledon, the record will be his. And this time, the good results of Nadal tend to settle Federer.

Succeeding Djokovic in the winners of the US Open, the Majorcan has indeed closer to 640 points of the Serb in the world rankings. In Race, it is even clearly ahead now, with nearly 2000 points ahead. This will force the "Djoker" to achieve a season finale to stay on the throne. But with his problems on the shoulder, it is questioned. This is all benefit for Nadal who will not have to stack the tournaments to go on the hunt for points. In any case, he was not ready: "With my age and goals, I can not waste time or energy in the fight to be world No. 1. I must think of my career as a And if doing things my way, I become # 1, so much the better. "