The Wimbledon final will pit Novak Djokovic against Roger Federer on Sunday. The latter, in total control of his game, released Rafael Nadal in four sets (7-6, 1-6, 6-3, 6-4) in the semifinals. A fight of the chiefs who has generally kept its promises, offering some points of mammoth.

Immortal. While waiting to pass perhaps to the rank of living god, even if many already consider it as such, Roger Federer has just validated (still) his phoenix status, playing Rafael Nadal in the semifinals of Wimbledon (7-). 6, 1-6, 6-3, 6-4). It was the first time that the two absolute monsters of tennis met, for the London Grand Slam tournament, for anything other than a final. It was the first time in 11 years, too, after the two victories of the Swiss in 2006 and 2007 and the famous title of "Rafa" in 2008. And in 2019, it was of course the first time in a month and the umpteenth victory of the Spaniard in the semifinals of Roland-Garros.

At 37, "Rodgeur" ​​is therefore his revenge. Its management remains a model in every way. In his career, of course, but also in a match of such importance. After tightening the game to win the tie-break of a very hung first set (a single break point), this advantage has just allowed him to let the second round to a Rafael Nadal physically recovered. Before releasing one of the most beautiful sets of his career, simply: 15 winning shots, two unforced errors. And some mutant points where he was able to release a panoply even more complete than his best enemy. Notably on the fly, of course.

"I'm exhausted, it was a happiness"

Breakant at 3-1, Roger Federer had to save three balls of break in the wake to confirm. The final heat was also a peak of intensity, especially the end of the game. After breaking at 2-1, the world No. 3 waited for his fifth match point to conclude. Evidence that the tension can hit any human being, he missed an easy smash that offered a ball to break Rafael Nadal at 5-4, 40-40. In the last two games, the Spaniard and the Swiss have almost offered the best show of the game on monumental exchanges. A small perfume of 2008. Except that this time, the most player was rewarded (51 winning shots and 27 unforced errors, against 32-25 for Rafael Nadal).

"I'm exhausted, first expresses" Rodgeur "on beIN SPORTS.At the end, he played incredible shots to stay in the match, it was of the highest level.But the most important points have turned for me He came back very hard in the second set and it was a pleasure to play this game. " Novak Djokovic, fresh as a roach but who has not had huge opposition, will be his opponent Sunday in the final. "He played very well, he's rock-solid, like Rafa, it's going to be very special and it's very difficult, we're not the world's number one by chance ..." The man knows what he's up to he speaks. Winner of eight of the last 10 oppositions between the two, "Djoko" also has the advantage at Wimbledon: beaten in half in 2012, he won the finals 2014 and 2015. But it was a time when Roger Federer was still (a little) young. He had not started his second life.

The Swiss, Nadal scorer in the semifinals, will keep a beautiful memory of his revenge against the Majorcan, eleven years after their last clash at Wimbledon. What to discuss with confidence his final against Djokovic.

The 40th Nadal-Federer confrontation

"I think it has met expectations. It's always cool to play Rafa, especially since we had not faced each other for a long time at Wimbledon. This victory will be very high in my memory. It has been a pleasure to play this match and it will remain as one of my favorite meetings, among those I will look forward to. Because the audience was inside, it was nice and it was Rafa. "

The scenario of the match

"Except for the second run, where I did not serve well, I managed to follow my game plan and stick to it. At the end of the match, it was very complicated because he played incredible shots to stay in the game. I remained offensive, aggressive, all the time. I served well and I also made good returns. The first set was tight, there were few chances. The tie-break was of good quality. The second set was hard because I did not seize my opportunities at the beginning and I probably a little less well served, too. And then Rafa was in the area. But in the last two sets, I feel like I won the most important points. There were some huge exchanges that I could win. It made the difference. Overall, I played very well and I'm really happy. "

The final against Djokovic

"When you have played more than fifteen times against someone, there are not many surprises. The key is to experience the most energy on D-Day and to be the best mentally. I'm excited about playing against Novak. It's like facing Rafa. We had so much clash. The game plan will be clear. The work has been done. Novak is rock solid. I hope I can push him and beat him, but he is not the world number one for nothing. It's exciting to play it. We're staying on a big game in Paris. "