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For some days now I have been considering a different game has it applies to personal life. When it comes to sport, especially those games that requires only you on the field of action there are some many lessons to learn from it. Just some few days ago, shared with the community how boxing strategy van be applied in real life.

Some weeks ago, Wimbledon Champion in the world of tennis was declared and I released one motivational piece along with that victory against Serena Williams. It is so clear that many Tennis fans are wax poetic about the game because Tennis is what can be more likely to a life situation. The game perception is beyond winning. I know so many athletes that build themselves on how to first finish the race and become the fastest, but I must tell you, Tennis is not about the fastest. Follow me closely:

Note: Tennis deals with the systematic study of your opponent constantly because this will determine your response!


Lessons From The World Of Tennis!

  • You're The Determinant Of Your Outcome!

Tennis sport has been an individual thing just like boxing. When it comes to your performance and quality you are the determining factor. Tennis game has either two or three sets and your winning of at least 6 games makes you a winner for a set and each set gives you the opportunity to lead, the moment you let your emotions distract you from focusing on the game, it will kill your next point and that will be the beginning of losing. When the game is concluded and you lose, will you blame the team? So, is just like life situation, any failure you encountered on your journey, it is you and you need to pick up the challenge and tackle it before it conquers you.

As a Tennis player, you improve on every round after you have to watch your opponent techniques or strategy, you improve in your placement, you do your best to hit shots faster and even surprise your opponent with your moves to prove that you are still very much in the game. So also in life, when a challenge comes, improve in your approach and turn that challenge to something great that will keep you going. A player that blame, the coach or the opponent even referer is only damaging his outcome, but hurting himself, the only thing you do when you face with this challenge is not to accept that role of loser that challenges brought your way.

  •  Know Yourself!

In the field of play, you must be able to analyze your areas of strengths and weakness and make it your duty to always adjust your game when you discover it. An excellence tennis professional is known with this factor. When you consider some factors around your game such as the person you call your opponent, the court of play and the weather situation, you must adjust and this must have been what you have been practicing in secret (training). When you are in the court of play, it is certain to discover your new weakness following that fact all your opponents are not the same, but you have to take that weakness to the training ground and practice to make them become your strengths. That's what tennis game teaches every tennis professionals.

Never allow your emotion or state of mind leads your action and your responses. Build yourself to the point of controlling your emotion to be able to conquer until the end of the game. There are so many of you I mean you, that believes in genius or luck aspect of life, but I will tell you this, what leads to success is the ability of your unrelenting strength you apply. In all your dealing never give a moment to stop pushing. Push till you conquer.

Thank you! See You In my Next Motivational Pieces As It Applies To Live!

Sport To Life!

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