Ashley Bertie shocked the tennis world. At just 25 times old, the number one tennis star has blazoned her withdrawal. Bertie, who won the Australian Open a couple of months agone, blazoned his decision on social media.

The Australian tennis player has been at the top of the girls' rankings since the 2019 French Open. Won Wimbledon and French Open. He won a grand slam on home soil two months agone. No Australian has won the Australian Open in the last 44 times before him. After his accession, Bertie's damaged book may have been filled to the brim, or why retire now?


Bertie had kept himself down from tennis for some time ahead. The pressure of professional tennis and the gradational decline in the rankings was frustrating. Eventually, after the 2014 US Open, he went into exile from tennis.

Still, it isn't that he withdrew from the sports world at all. Bertie, a man of numerous bents, played justice during this time. Not only that, she also played 9 competitive matches for the Brisbane Heat in the girls' Big Bash. Although he didn't show important Ahmari performance, he didn't like justice. He has had a great performance since leaving justice and returning to tennis in 2016. That is what three Grand Slam wins say.

Bertie made the decision in a discussion with former Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua. He posted the videotape on Instagram, with a caption attesting that he was saying farewell to professional tennis, not just for a while, but a moment, a veritably delicate day for me, a heart full of feelings, because moment I'm publicizing my withdrawal from tennis. I didn't understand how to give this news to you, so I asked my dear friend Casey Dellacqua to help me. I'm thankful for all that I've gained from this game. I'm leaving the game with a full and proud feeling. I'll always remember the moments we gave birth to.'

Bertie's return won't be seen again, he said, adding, "I know I have done this ahead, but effects were different also. I'm thankful for everything that tennis has given me. A part of my mind wasn't satisfied indeed a many months agone. Also came the challenge of the Australian Open. Bertie didn't play in this month's Indiana Wales event and the Miami Open, saying he'd concentrate on the French Open and Wimbledon after exhausting the Australian Open. Who knew also, commodity bigger was revolving around his head!

Bertie doesn’t get that provocation to keep putting himself at the top presently, 'I know how hard it's to give your stylish all the time. That interest is no more in me now. That passion for physical exertion, the provocation to stay mentally fit, whatever it takes to stay on top of tennis, is no longer in me. All I know is that I gave everything I could to tennis. Physically I can not go to give further than that, I know that. I gave everything I could to this beautiful game.'