Karolina Mukhova - Angelica Kerber

Only 2 TOP tennis players reached the ¼ final. In the second match of the ¼ Wimbledon final, Karolina Mukhova and Angelica Kerber met. Mukhova is on the 22nd line of the rating, and Kerber is on the 28th place. Judging by the latest indicators in this confrontation, it is difficult to give preference to one or the other. Nevertheless, the Bookmakers offered odds in favor of the German tennis player.

Bookmakers' quotes for the 1.4 Wimbledon final match: Karolina Mukhova - Angelica Kerber

P1: 2.24

P2: 1.71

Since both players have a powerful serve, which intensifies on the grass, and quality play on the back row, TB19.5 is worth considering.

Review of the first set of the ¼ Wimbledon final match: Karolina Mukhova - Angelica Kerber

Kerber was the first to serve. She wins 1 game. In the second game, the German woman realized a break point. In the 3rd game, after several "exactly" Kerber realized her serve. Score: 0 - 3. Mukhova wins 4 game under "0". She narrows the gap: 1 - 3. Angelina confidently wins the 5th game. In the 6th game, Mukhova converted her serve. Score: 2 - 4.

In game 7, Kerber wins his serve. Score: 2 - 5. In the 8th game, the German sold a break-point. She won the first set: 2 - 6.

Review of the second set of the ¼ Wimbledon final match: Karolina Mukhova - Angelica Kerber

The first, in the second set, was served by Kerber. After "exactly" Angelica wins her serve. Mukhova wins the second game. Carolina converted a break point in the third game. Score: 2 - 1. In the 4th game, Kerber converted a reverse break-point and equalized the score: 2 - 2. Immediately, the German tennis player converted her handout and won the 5th game. In game 6, Kerber converted a break point. Score: 2 - 4.

Angelica wins the 7th game. In the 8th game, Mukhova was able to win a point on her serve. Score: 3 - 5. Kerber went to serve for the set and the match. In the 9th game, Mukhova was able to equalize the score: 40 - 40. After 2 “exactly” Kerber wins the game, set and match. Set score: 3 - 6. Result of the match: 0 - 2 (2 - 6 and 3 - 6).

Contrary to the opinion of the Bookmakers, Mukhova was unable to offer serious resistance. Kerber advances to the Wimbledon semi-finals.