Elena Rybakina - Elina Svitolina

In the second round match of the WTA-500 tournament in Eastbourne, Elina Svitolina will play against Elena Rybakina. The tennis player of Kazakhstan ranks 21st in the ranking. Elina is now on the 5th line. In this confrontation, the Bookmakers give preference to the woman from Odessa. In particular, Elena's playing form and instability should affect. True, Svitolina also does not demonstrate an overly reliable game.

Bookmaker quotes for the match of the 2nd round of the WTA-500 tournament in Eastbourne: Elena Rybakina - Elina Svitolina

P1: 2.14

P2: 1.74

TM21.5: 1.99

TB2.5: 1.83

Review of the first set of the match 2 rounds WTA-500 in Eastbourne: Elena Rybakina - Elina Svitolina

The first to serve was from Odessa. She lost one rally and won a game. In the second game the score was: 40 - 40. After a couple of "exactly" Rybakina still takes her serve. In the third game Rybakina was leading: 30 - 0. But Svitolina not only bounced back, but also won the game. Elena wins game 4. Score: 2 - 2. In the 5th game it was "exactly". But Elina was able to win her serve. Score: 2 - 3. After a small swing Rybakina wins the 6th game. Score: 3 - 3.

Svitolina wins the 7th game. Rybakina wins game 8. In game 9, Rybakin unexpectedly wins the break point. She went to serve the set. Rybakina wins 10 game under "0". Result of the first set: 6 - 4. On the one hand, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Elina has to recoup from 1 - 0.

Review of the second set of the match 2 rounds WTA-500 in Eastbourne: Elena Rybakina - Elina Svitolina

Svitolina was the first to serve. She wins the first game. In the second game, Svitolina was unable to realize 2 breaks. Rybakina wins her serve. Score: 1 - 1. In game 3 Rybakina realized the first break in the second set. She took the lead. Rybakina wins 4 game under "0". She increased the advantage: 3 - 1. Svitolina wins the 5th game: 3 - 2. Rybakina wins the 6th game. Score: 4 - 2.

In the 7th game the score was: 40 - 40. Despite the incomprehensible mistakes, Svitolina still wins her serve: 4 - 3. In the 8th game, Svitolina was leading 0 - 40. But Elena equalizes the score. On the 6th attempt, Elina was able to implement a break. She compares the score in the set: 4 - 4. Rybakina immediately answered with her break. She went to pitch for set and match. In the 10th game, Svitolina implemented a break. This is despite the fact that Elena was leading 30 - 0. Elina equalizes the score: 5 - 5. The Odessa woman wins 11 games under "0". Rybakina wins game 12 and puts the set on a time-break.

Time-break 2 sets

Elina served first. She loses the rally. Score: 1 - 0. Rybakina wins both of her rallies. Score: 3 - 0. Svitolina was able to realize one of her two serves. Score: 4 - 1. Rybakina wins both serves. Score: 6 - 1, Elina wins both of her serves. Score: 6 - 3. Still, Rybakina wins the 10th draw. Time-break score: 7 - 3. Set score: 7 - 6. Match result: 2 - 0 (6 - 4 and 7 - 6).

Yes, Svitolina is eliminated in the second round. A lot of incomprehensible mistakes do not allow her to play confidently. Oddly enough, but Elina retains 5th place in the World Ranking. Rybakina, with slight difficulties in the second set, outplayed the favorite. She goes to the ¼ of the final.