oland Garros: Sloane Stevens - Barbara Kreichikova

In the 4th round, Sloane Stevens met with Barbora Kreichikova. Sloane is ranked 59th in the world rankings. At the tournament, she outplayed Suarez Navarra (6 - 3, 6 - 7 and 4 - 6), Karolina Plishkova (5 - 7 and 1 - 6) and Mukhova (6 - 3 and 7 - 5). Barbara turned out to be that stone of preconception that neither the sundew nor the Ukrainian could get around. Kreichikova ranks 33rd in the ranking. She outplayed Kristina Plishkova (5 - 7, 6 - 4 and 6 - 2), Ekaterina Aleksandrova (2 - 6 and 3 - 6) and Elina Svitolina (6 - 3 and 6 - 2). In this match, Bookmakers and Privateers gave preference to Barbara. Stevent is not stable and does not show effective performance. Kreichikova's winning odds: 1.52. On the victory, Stevens could be bet with odds: 2.57.

Review of the first set of the match 4 laps Roland Garros: Sloane Stevens - Barbara Kreichikova

Sloane Stevens came out first. Kreichikova immediately imposed a struggle. After a couple of "exactly", Barbara converted a break point and took the lead: 0 - 1. The Czech tennis player converted her serve in the second game. In game 3, Stevens was able to realize her serve. She closed the lead 1 - 2. Barbara wins 4 games confidently with her serve. She increases the lead over her rival: 1 - 3. In the 5th game, after “exactly”, Kreichikova realized the second break-point. The score becomes: 1 - 4. In the 6th game, the American tried to impose a fight. She made the score 40 - 40. But Kreichikova didzhaoa rival and realized her serve: 1 - 5.

In the 7th game, Stevens converted her serve. She has closed the backlog. Kreichikova went to serve the set. In the 8th game, Barbara Kreichikova confidently wins her serve. The result of the first set of the match 4 laps Roland Garros: 2 - 6.

Review of the second set of the match 4 laps Roland Garros: Sloane Stevens - Barbara Kreichikova

As in the first set, the American served first. Continuing the scenario of the beginning of the match, Kreichikova implemented a break point. She took the lead immediately. Stevens tried to impose a fight on Barbara in the second game. She evened the score: 40 - 40. But Kreichikova did not allow the American to close the gap. She realized her serve. In game 3, the Czech tennis player stepped up the onslaught on Sloane Stevens. She realized the second break point in the second set. The score becomes: 0 - 3. In game 4, Barbara confidently wins her serve. The score is now: 0 - 4. In the 5th game, Stevens made several mistakes and lost howl service. Kreichikova realized the third gem in the second set. She went to serve for set and match. In the 6th game, Stevenst was able to level the score and make it equal: 40 - 40. But Kreichikova did not intend to give up her serve. Thus, the result of the second set turned out to be devastating: 0 - 6. Barbara Kreichikova did not leave her opponent a single chance to win. She defeated Stevens in two sets. The result of the 4 round match Roland Garros Sloane Stevens - Barbara Kreichikova: 2 - 0. (2 - 6 and 0 - 6).

Barbara Kreichikova advances to the quarterfinals of the 2021 Roland Garros draw.