Roland Garros: Barbara Kreichikova - Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina, in the 3rd round of Roland Garros, met with Barbara Kreichikova. The Czech tennis player, ranked 33rd in the World Ranking, outplayed compatriot Karolina Pliskova (5 - 7, 6 - 4 and 6 - 2) and Russian Ekaterina Aleksandrova (2 - 6 and 3 - 6) in the first 2 matches. Svitolina, ranked 6th in the ranking, outplayed Babel (2-6 and 5-7) and Ann Lee (0-6 and 4-6). Bookmakers preferred the woman from Odessa. The odds for her victory: 1.7. Kreichikov to win, odds: 2.26. But still, a horse game was assumed. On TB19.5 it was possible to place a bet with the odds: 1.52.

Review of the first set of the match 3 laps Roland Garros: Barbara Kreichikova - Elina Svitolina

The match was started by a woman from Odessa. Kreichikova tried to impose a struggle. She made the score: 40 - 40. Barbara started the set very aggressively and was able to realize a break point already in the first game. Kreichikova wins 2 game. She increases the lead in the account: 2 - 0. In the third game the score was again equal: 40 - 40. After several "even" and won back breaks, Svitolina converted her serve. She reduced the lead: 2 - 1. In the 4th game Elina confidently realized the reverse break point and equalized the score in the set: 2 - 2. In the 5th game the Odessa woman wins her serve. In the 6th game, Barbara converted her serve, leveling the score: 3 - 3.

In the 7th game, Kreichikova was able to realize a break point. She took the lead in the score: 4 - 3. In the 8th game Kreichikova was leading in the score: 40 - 30. The woman from Odesa leveled the score. In this game, a very stubborn struggle ensued. It lasted over 20 minutes. None of the tennis players wanted to concede to an opponent. After exactly 13 and 4 breaks played, Barbara, with great difficulty, was able to win her serve. She increased the lead: 5 - 3. Now every gem can be decisive in the first set. In game 9, Barbara realized the break point with surprising ease. First set score: 6 - 3.

Review of the first set of the match 3 laps Roland Garros: Barbara Kreichikova - Elina Svitolina

The second set begins with Barbara Kreichikova. In the first game, a stubborn struggle ensued again. Still, Barbara realized her pitch. In the second game, it is relatively easy, she makes a break point. Svitolina loses: 2 - 0. Elina was able to realize a reverse break-point. Thus, she has reduced the gap in the account to a minimum. Oddly enough, but Barbora again converted the break-point and increased the advantage: 3 - 1. In the 5th game, Barbara wins a point on her serve. The score becomes catastrophic for the Odessa tennis player: 4 - 1. In the 6th game Kreichikova won 40 - 15. Svitolina equalized the score. As a result, the woman from Odessa was able to realize her serve. The score becomes: 4 - 2.

In the 7th game, the Czech tennis player wins a point on her serve. The score for the Odessa woman becomes threatening: 5 - 2. Now Elina needs to win all the games in the set. In the 8th game, Kreichikova implemented another decisive break-point. The score of the second set: 6 - 2. The result of the third round match at Roland Garros: 2 - 0 (6 - 3 and 6 - 2).

Svitolina stops fighting in the 3rd round. She was able to earn only 130 ranking points. Barbara Kreichikova, speaking outsiders, is once again outplaying the favorite.