WTA-500 Berlin: Ekaterina Aleksandrova - Elina Svitolina

In the second round of WTA-500 Berlin, Ekaterina Aleksandrova played with Elina Svitolina. In the first match, Ekaterina outplayed her compatriot Kalinskaya. Svitolina starts right away from the second round. In this match, the favorite is from Odessa. This season, Elina beat Alexandrova twice. Bets on Svitolina's victory were accepted with the odds: 1.69. For Catherine's victory: 2.22. But the Bookmakers believed that the match would be a riding one. At TB20.5: 1.6.

Review of the first set of the match WTA-500 Berlin: Ekaterina Aleksandrova - Elina Svitolina

The first to serve was from Odessa. She immediately took the lead: 0 - 40. But the Russian equalizes the score. Svitolina wins game ace. Alexandrova wins her serve and levels the score. In the third game, Ekaterina was leading 30 - 0. Thanks to the tight game, Svitolina evens the score. In total, Elina wins 4 draws in a row. She realized her serve. In the 4th game Aleksandrova converted her serve. She compares the score in the set. In the 5th game, Svitolina confidently wins her serve. In the 6th game, Ekaterina wins her serve at "0" and compares the score in the set: 3 - 3.

In the 7th game, Ekaterina unexpectedly realized a break point and took the lead. Immediately wins game 8 on his serve at "0". Score: 5 - 3. The Russian woman has one game left to win. In the 8th game, Alexandrova tried to impose a fight. She evened the score in the game. But Svitolina wins her serve. Score: 5 - 4. Alexandrova goes to serve on the set. She confidently wins her serve. The result of the first set: 6 - 4.

Review of the second set of the match WTA-500 Berlin: Ekaterina Aleksandrova - Elina Svitolina

Alexandrova was the first to serve. Svitolina reached the breaks for the first time in the match. Ekaterina played 2 break points. She stepped forward. But with an attack from the right, Svitolina returns: 40 - 40. The Russian played the third break. As a result, Ekaterina was able to win her serve. She took the lead. Svitolina wins the second gem on her serve. The account is compared. In the 4th game Aleksandrova was leading: 40 - 30. Svitolina equalized the score. Ekaterina played the break. Elina breaks another blow. Alexandrova wins game 4. The score is equal: 2 - 2. In the 5th game Svitolina wins her serve. Again comes forward: 2 - 3. In the 6th game, the Russian woman was able to play 2 breaks. On 3 attempts, the woman from Odessa realized the long-awaited break-point. She increased the advantage: 2 - 4.

Svitolina confidently wins her serve in the 7th game. Score: 2 - 5. There is one game left to win. Ekaterina wins the 8th game on her serve. Score: 3 - 5. Elina went to serve for the set. In the 9th game, Svitolina was leading: 0 - 40. The Russian played 3 set points. Immediately, the woman from Odessa plays the break. Aleksandrova played the 4th set point. Elina has a double and again "exactly". Ekaterina wins back 6 and 7 set points. As a result, the woman from Odessa makes a mistake. Ekaterina implemented a reverse break point. Score: 4 - 5. In the 10th game Aleksandrova converted her serve and equalized the score (5 - 5). Aleksandrova converted a break point in game 11. She went to serve for set and match. In the 12th game, Aleksandrova converted her serve. Set score: 7 - 5. Result of the match: 2 - 0 (6 - 4 and 7 - 5).

Y-yes, Elina loses to an outsider. Svitolina earns only 55 rating points. But, this becomes enough to return to the 5th line of the World Ranking. It went around Sophia Kenin. Ekaterina Aleksandrova reaches the quarterfinals of the tournament.