Barbara Kreichikova - Maria Sakkari

In the second semifinal match of Roland Garros 2021, Barbara Kreichikova played against Maria Sakkari. Both tennis players showed a high level of play. They were able to beat strong rivals.

Bookmakers believed, as usual, that Sakkari had better chances. The odds for her victory were: 1.61. It was possible to bet on Kreichikova's victory with odds: 2.62. At the same time, the Horse duel was supposed to be. At TB19.5: 1.47, at TB20.5: 1.666. But the match will put everything in its place.

Roland Garros' quarterfinal first set review: Barbara Kreichikova - Maria Sakkari

The first to serve in the match was Kreichikova. Maria started the match very actively. She realized a break point in the first game. In the second game, Kreichikova implemented a reverse break. She compares the score in the set. In the 3rd game, Sakkari already realizes his break-point. She took the lead again.

As predicted, both tennis players did not want to yield to one another. They gradually implemented game after game. As a result, we got to the score: 5 - 4. Sakkari serves. She wins her serve in game 10 at 0. This allowed Maria to equalize the score in the set: 5 - 5. In the 11th game, Kreichikova converted her serve. She took the lead. It remains for her to win the gem on the opponent's serve. Barbara took advantage of several missteps of her rival and implemented a decisive break-point in the first set. The result of the first set: 7 - 5.

Review of the second set of the quarterfinal match of Roland Garros: Barbara Kreichikova - Maria Sakkari

Kroeychikova was the first to enter the pitch. Sakkari was able to realize the first, in the second set, break point. She took the lead. In the second game, Sakkari wins his serve. She doubled her lead. Sakkari continued her onslaught. She wins 4 games on her serve. Score: 0 - 4. In the 5th game Kreichikova converted her serve. She narrows the lead: 1 - 4. In the 6th game, Barbara converted her first, in the second game, break point. She makes the score: 2 - 4.

In the 7th game Sakkari was leading 15 - 40. But Barbara evened the score: 40 - 40. She squeezes Maria and wins her serve. The score was reduced to a minimum: 3 - 4. In the 8th game, Sakkari converted her serve. She reached the home stretch: 3 - 5. In the 9th game, Kreichikova converted her serve. She is closing the gap again. Sakkari goes to serve on the set. After several “even” and unrealized set points, Sakkari put the squeeze on Kreichikov and won the game. The result of the second set: 4 - 6. The score in the match becomes equal: 1 - 1.

Review of the third set of the quarterfinal match of Roland Garros: Barbara Kreichikova - Maria Sakkari

Kreichikova was the first to serve. After the first two sets, the score was: 1 - 1. In game 3, Sakkari converted a break point. She took the lead: 1 - 2. In the 4th game Sakkari was able to win her serve. She increased the lead in the account. In the 5th game, Kreichikova confidently wins her serve. She reduced the stand up: 2 - 3. Maria, losing 30 - 0, was able to win the 6th game on her serve. Score: 2 - 4.

In the 7th game, Kreichikova converted her serve and reduced the score in the set: 3 - 4. In the 8th game, Maria converted her serve. In the 9th game, Barbara responded with a realized serve. Score: 4 - 5. Sakkari went to serve for the set and the match. In the 10th game, Sakkari was unable to complete the meeting. Kreichikova converted a break point and leveled the score: 5 - 5. Barbara confidently wins the 11th game. She took the lead: 6 - 5. Now it is enough for the Czech tennis player to win the opponent's serve. But alas, Sakkari wins 12 games. The score becomes 6 - 6.

Kreichikova under "0" and wins 13 games on his serve. Score: 7 - 6. In the 14th game, Kreichikova led the score: 40 - 15. Sakkari leveled the game. After a few "straight" lines, Maria wins the game on her serve. Score: 7 - 7. Barbara was able to confidently win 15 games on her serve. Score: 8 - 7. The decisive 16 game was very tense and ambiguous. First, when the score is 40 - 30, the judge does not count the rally won by Kreichikova. Sakkari compares the score. After that, when the score was 40 - 40, he did not count Maria's draw. As a result, Barbara Kreichikova realized an important break point. She wins the game, set and match. Set score: 9 - 7. The result of the semifinal match of Roland Garros: 2 - 1 (7 - 5, 4 - 6 and 9 - 7).

Barbara Kreichikova beats another favorite. She makes her way to the final of the tournament, where she will play against Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. For the first time in her career, the Russian woman reached the final of the Grand Slam tournament.