Roland Garros: Serena Williams - Elena Rybakina

In the 4th round of Roland Garros, Serena Williams met with Elena Rybakina. Yes, Serena is in the TOP 10. It is now on the 8th line of the rating. But she cannot show the tennis that is inherent in her. In the first 3 matches, she outplayed I. Begu (7 - 6 and 6 - 2), Buzernescu (6 - 3, 5 - 7 and 6 - 1) and Collins (6 - 4 and 6 - 4). In the first three matches, Rybakina did not give her rivals a single set. She outplayed Jacquemo (6 - 4 and 6 - 1), Khibino (6 - 3 and 6 - 1) and E. Vesnina (6 - 1 and 6 - 4). Now the Kazakhstani tennis player is on the 22nd place in the World ranking.

Yes, Bookmakers prefer the American woman. We bet on her victory with odds: 1.59. For Rybakina's victory odds: 2.68. But it is far from the fact that Serena will be able to cope with Elena, who has gained shape. Some forecasters believe that you can try to bet on an outsider to win.

Review of the first set of the match 4 laps Roland Garros: Serena Williams - Elena Rybakina

Rybakina was the first to enter the pitch. She wins the first point under "0" on her serve. In the second and third games, the rivals exchanged points. In the 4th gem Rybakina took the lead: 30 - 40. Elena converted a break point on the first try. She took the lead: 1 - 3. Elena confidently wins the 5th game on her serve. The score becomes: 1 - 4. Serena answers with a game won on her serve. It reduces the lead behind: 2 - 4.

In the 7th game, with a score of 30 - 30, Rybakina allows a double. Serena comes forward: 40 - 30. But Serena, even in the fall, could not realize the break. Elena makes the score "evenly". However, after the second "40 - 40", on the third try, Williams realized a reverse break point and reduced the score to a minimum: 3 - 4. Rybakina wins the 8th game with a break point. The score becomes: 3 - 5. Elena went to serve for the set. In the 9th game Rybakina was leading 30 - 40. Serena equalized the score. After “exactly” Elena Rybakina wins her serve. The result of the first set: 3 - 6.

Review of the second set of the match 4 rounds Roland Garros: Serena Williams - Elena Rybakina

Serena served first. Rybakina immediately realized the break point. In the second game, Williams responded with a reverse break point. In game 3, Serena converted her serve. She took the lead in the score: 2 - 1. Rybakina answered with her won serve. Immediately, in the 5th game, Serena converted her serve: 3 - 2. In the 6th game, Rybakina equalized the score on her serve: 3 - 3.

In the 7th game, Elena realized a break point. In game 8, Serena Williams implemented a reverse break point. The score was again equal: 4 - 4. In the 9th game, Serena realized her serve: 5 - 4. In the 10th game Rybakina wins her serve and equalizes the score: 5 - 5. In the 11th game, Elena converted a break point. She took the lead and went to serve for the set and the match. Rybakina confidently wins 12 games. Set score: 5 - 7. Result of the match 4 rounds Roland Garros: 0 - 2 (3 - 6 and 5 - 7).

As predicted, Rybakina was not only able to fight the former first racket of the World, but also beat Serena Williams. Elena reaches the ¼ final.