Shelby Rogers and Yule Niemeyer

In the 1/8 finals of the tournament in Strasbourg, Shelby Rogers will meet with Yule Niemeyer. The American is on the 46th place, and the representative of Germany is on the 216th line of the World Ranking. In the first round, Rogers outplayed McHale in a 3-set match. Niemeyer was able to defeat, in 2 sets, D. Parry. You yourself understand that an experienced American was the favorite here.

Review of the first set of the match Shelby Rogers - Yule Niemeyer

Shelby Rogers got the right to start the match. She confidently wins 1 game on her serve. Niemeyer wins 2 games on his serve with no less confidence. Rogers wins 3 games on his serve. In the 4th game, the first fight ensued. The score was "exactly". In the fight, the German tennis player won 4 games on her serve. Then Shelby and Yule won 2 games each. The score now stands at 4 - 4.

In game 9, after several mistakes by Shelby, Niemeyer converted a break point. She went to serve the set. In the 10th game, Julia was leading in the score 15 - 40. But due to a double error and inaccurate play, she was unable to retain the advantage. Shelby makes the score: 40 - 40. After a few "evens", thanks to the successful play at the net and the ace, Yulia wins a point on her serve. The result of the first set: 4 - 6.

Review of the second set of the match Shelby Rogers - Yule Niemeyer

Rogers was the first to serve. She wins the first game on her serve. Yulia answers with a won set on her serve. In the third game, Niemeyer converted a break point. She took the lead: 1 - 2. As it started to rain during the match, the referee, after talking with his colleagues, decided to stop the match.

Interestingly, the stop was quite long. We managed to continue the match almost a day after the stoppage. Shelby wins 5 games on his serve at "0". The game after the break turned out to be radically different. Shelby began to act more sharply and accurately. Niemeyer was unable to quickly jump into the game. She turned out to be very slow. True, she was able to win 6 games on her serve. The score becomes equal: 3 - 3.

In the 7th game, Yulia was leading at 30 - 40. Rogers scores “evenly” and squeezes her opponent. She wins 8 games on her serve. In game 9, Shelby wins a point on his serve. In the 10th game, Yule compares the score. In game 11, after straight, Shelby wins his serve. In the 12th game, the German lost 30 - 0. She not only evened the score, but also won the game on her serve. The set is switched to a time-break.

Time-break 2 sets

Rogers served first. She lost the serve. Yulia took the lead. Niemeyer won one of her two innings. Score: 1 - 2. Rogers wins one of his 2 serves. Score: 2 - 3. The German won one of two innings. Score: 3 - 4. Rogers failed to win both of her serves. Score: 4 - 5. Yulia loses both of her serves. Score: 6 - 5. Rogers lost both of his serves. Score: 6 - 7. Yulia wins her last serve. Time-break score: 6 - 8. Thus, Yule Niemeyer was able to create a sensation. She beat the undisputed favorite. Score 2 sets: 6 - 7. Result of the match: 0 - 2 (4 - 6 and 6 - 7).

Yule Niemeyer, unexpectedly beats Shelby Rogers and advances to the next round.