Veronika Kudermetova - Danka Kovinich

In the final of an interesting tournament, the Russian woman Kudermetova met with the representative of Montenegro, Danka Kovinich. During the tournament, both rivals showed great results. Danka was able to outplay Ons Jaber, Putintseva and Kvitova. Veronica was able to beat such rivals as Bados, Stevens, Navarro. In the final, the bookmakers gave preference to the Russian woman. At the same time, realizing that Kudermetova endures her rivals, it was possible to actually play TM21.5. Only in one match, with Kudermetova's participation, 20 games were played. Navarro was defeated in 2 sets (4-6 and 4-6).

Review of the match Kudermetova - Kovinich

From the very first games it became clear that Veronica was aiming at winning the final. I felt composure and focus.

First set

Danka Kovinich was the first to serve. Losing 40 - 15, she was able to equalize the score. After the second “exactly” Kudermetova realized her first break in the match. The Russian took the lead: 1 - 0. In the second, Veronica wins a point on her serve. In game 3, Danka scores a point on his serve at "0". In the 4th game, after 2 "exactly" Danka was able to convert a break point. She evened the score: 2 - 2. In the 5th and 6th games, the opponents were able to take their serves.

In the 7th game, after "40 - 40", Kudermetova converted a break point and took the lead 4 - 3. After that, both rivals took 1 point on their serve. The score became 5 - 4. Veronica went to serve for the set. She confidently wins the 10th game and set. The score of the first part: 6 - 4.

Second set

In the second game, Veronica was expected to play no less confident. She did not disappoint. Danka makes his first serve in 1 game. She wins the first gem. After that, three games in a row, the opponents played confidently on their serve. After the 4th game the score was equal: 2 - 2. In the 5th game Kudermetova was leading in the score 40 - 15. But she did not retain the advantage. Danka leveled the score: 40 - 40. Veronica managed to put the squeeze on her opponent and realized a break point. She stepped forward. In the 6th game, she consolidated her advantage with a successful game on her serve. The score becomes 4 - 2.

In the 7th game, a fight ensued. Kudermetova was losing 15 - 40. She leveled the score, but twice in a row Kovinich had “more”. After the third "exactly" Kudermetova wins 2 draws in a row. With a break point, she took the lead: 5 - 2. Veronica went to serve for the set and the match. In the 8th game, she confidently outplayed her opponent. As a result, the victory in the game, set and match. Set score: 6 - 2. Result of the match: 2 - 0 (6 - 4 and 6 - 2).

Kudermetova quite confidently wins the WTA500 tournament in Charleston. Thanks to this triumph, she recorded 470 rating points. Received $ 68,570 in prize money. This is the first tournament won in Kudermetova's career. Thanks to the victory in the tournament, Veronica was able to move up in the rankings from 38, immediately to 29th place. She bypasses Alexandrova and becomes the first racket of Russia !!!

Now Veronica needs to consolidate her success at other tournaments in 2021.