Kasatkina met with one of the leaders, Arina Sobolenko

Representatives of Belarus and Russia met in the second round of the Australian Open. Sobolenko is on the 7th line of the WTA World Ranking. Daria Kasatkina is on the 75th line. Bookmakers gave an unconditional advantage to Arina. The odds for her victory were 1.22. At the same time, the coefficient on P2 was 4.73. We take into account the fact that the rivals met 2 times. In their personal confrontation there is a draw: 1 - 1. How was the meeting?

First set

In 1 set, Kasatkina was able to impose a fight on the favorite

In the first set, the first serve went to a tennis player from Belarus. Arina took the lead. But Kasatkina was able to make the score “exactly”. After the second 40 - 40, Sobolenko was able to win two rallies and took the lead in games: 1 - 0. In the second game, Kasatkina wins her serve. In the Third set, Daria realized a break point. She breaks ahead with a score of 1 - 2. The next game Daria wins with "0". Thus, she breaks away from her rival in the first set: 1 - 3. Arina Sobolenko relatively confidently wins the 4th game, giving Daria only 1 point. The score becomes 2 - 3. In the next game Kaatkin responds in kind. Moreover, with an identical result. The score becomes 2 - 4.

In the 7th game, with a score of 30 - 30, Arina realized an ace. This was the third. After that, the point and the game are won. The score becomes 3 - 4. The next game was a failure for Kosatkina. Arina was able to convert the break point and equalize the score in the set: 4 - 4. In the 9th game Dasha had a chance to convert the break point, but she did not use it, allowing Arina to make the score “even”. After that, Sobolenko wins 2 points in a row. She comes out ahead in the set: 5 - 4. Daria wins the 10th game under "0", comparing the score in the set. In the 11th game Sobolenko makes a double mistake, thereby allowing Daria to reach the score 0 - 40. This time the break point was realized the first time. The game is won at "0". Daria steps forward and prepares to serve the set. Unfortunately Daria could not keep her serve. Arina realized a break-point and switched the game to a tie-break.

Tie-break 1 set

Arina Sobolenko wins the tie-break

The start turned out to be equal. Arina takes a point after her serve. Daria then wins 2 points on her 2 serves. Score: 1 - 2. In the 4th drawing 23 hits were counted. In the fight, Arina wins 2 points on her serves. Thus, it comes out ahead: 3 - 2. Daria served in the 6th and 7th draws. She lost her serve. Arina breaks away: 5 - 2. But Daria did not give up. She takes the next 2 points on Arina's serves and narrows the lead: 5 - 4. After that, Daria wins 1 point on her serves and loses the second. The score becomes 6 - 5. Arina's first serve on the set was successful. She wins the tie-break 7-5. Winning the set 7-6.

Second set move

Arina Sobolenko spends the second set more confidently than the first

The beginning turned out to be standard for this fight. Kasatkina takes a point on her serve. Sobolenko wins the second game. In game 3, Arina was able to convert a break point and come out ahead: 2 - 1. Immediately after that Sobolenko takes a point on his serve: 3 - 1. In game 5, Daria was able to close the gap: 3 - 2. In game 6, Kasatkina was able to convert break point and equalize the set.

True, in the next game Arina responds in kind. True, she was able to realize the break point the second time. She again took the lead: 4 - 3. Sobolenko continued her game. She wins another game on her serve, making the score 5 - 3. In game 9, Sobolenko wins Daria's serve at "0". She wins the set 6 - 3. Winning the match with a score of 2 - 0 (7 - 6 and 6 - 3).

Statistical data

Arina Sobolenko reaches the third round

The match lasted 90 minutes exactly.

Aces: 7 - 1.

Sobolenko made more double mistakes: 6 - 4.

Kasatkina has better break-point realization indicators. Sobolenko: 5 out of 7 = 71%. Kasatkina: 3 out of 4 = 75%.

Sobolenko has an overwhelming advantage in terms of actively won points: 36 - 8.

Arina made many more unforced mistakes: 40 - 8.

Arina has a slight advantage in the number of points won: 67 - 63.

22 games were played in the match.

Thus, with a far from expressive game, Arina Sobolenko confirms the status of the favorite. She goes to the 3rd round of the Australian Open 2021. Bookmakers were right, giving the advantage to Arina.