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Djokovic wins the Shanghai Rolex Masters
The Shanghai Rolex Masters Final, Novak Djokovic defeated Borna Coric, a 21-year-old player with a score of 6: 3 and 6: 4. ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Shanghai Borna Coric's main problem is that she is too similar to Djokovick. They play the same tennis, and Djokovic is stronger in it. It's about the same problem as Andy Murray: all other things being equal, they can't defeat a Serb at the expense of their normal game. When Coric began exchanging not with deadly forces, which immediately made Djokovic lose his position, he needed an extraordinary effort to conquer it. A perfect example is a crazy joke with a score of 1: 2 in the first set, when Coric receives a few punches, each will get rid of the other opponent. And this is despite the fact that in Shanghai one of the fastest courts on a tour. Before the score of 2: 2, Coric remained the same as Djokovic because the first quality was served. But over time the match, Coric's stamina began to decline, Djokovic adapted to him, and in almost all the games at the reception stuck and had opportunities. He was far more stable and used Coric's weakness: for example, he made the first break, because his first opponent had two forehands for two points, and then after a few minutes of the match. Borna cannot consistently create problems for Djokovic with his favorite combination. For example, he tried to destroy the cross with a backhand for a few blows, and then beat him on the front line, but the Serbian dealt with it without problems. At the same time, Djokovic himself regularly and easily intercepts the initiative and pushes the opponent into defense with a sharp translation along the line. Coric's only chance is aggression, but not typical of him on a scale that is consistently needed to defeat Djokovic today. As a result, in trying to go beyond comfort for Serbian tennis, Born leaves his own comfort zone and is wrong. Plus, at the start of the second set, he really buried himself with one mistake, when a Serb dropped him off the field with a break-point, went to score a demonstration, but looked confused and shot. He buried himself, because Djokovic was above the field inaccessible. In the final, Coric had only one break point: in the middle of the second set, he got his backhand line at 143 km / h, and lost a mistake with a too aggressive forehand, after which Novak gave two unmarked throws and pulled the game. In general, Djokovic had a cosmic number: more than 90% of the first goals were won and 70% of the second. Novak Djokovic The Serbs are at this level throughout the tournament: in five matches, the opponent has only four break points, and he plays everything. As a result, he became the only third player to take the Masters, never giving up. Before him, Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev did it. Coric in this tournament is a great kid: he has wins over Wawrinka, del Potro and Federer, the Masters first final, a very high-quality mature game. But in the final he met a terrible rival. Djokovic is now the best tennis player on the planet and has since played in 2011 and 2015, when his dominance was unconditional. In Shanghai, he won the 18th match and his third consecutive title, during the series taking two Masters and US Open. And if you look a little wider, then in the second half of the season he has 27 wins in 28 matches and four titles in five tournaments. Following the results of Shanghai Djokovic will pass Federer and will become the second world racket. In addition, the distance from Nadal was only 215 points. And if you only see points earned this year, then generally only 35.

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